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Give Account

If you give you account by Serafin Alarcon if you give account, few are the blessings that God has done in your life. Thinks and really has given you a healthy body, a family who loves you, faithful friends, work, a title, a job, a car and a House. A good wife, a faithful husband, children who love you. A stone in the road that has served you step, a disease that made you more strong, the loss of a son who molding a new man, a new woman. A Chief good people, a mother-in-law who cooks well, a wise and helpful neighbor, a pa talent writing poems, a gift for painting, to play an instrument.

If you give account you have is eternal debt, and that you’ve not only your the author of so many blessings. Do not. If you give account the truth and the truth is that the birth of Jesus deserves a look more intense. Yes, a look that us reveal this curious transition from the manger to the cross. There in Golgotha Carpenter from Bethlehem, who some Rabbi or teacher called suffered the shame of which has been exposed for the enjoyment of some with the hardened heart.

Nailed his feet and hands, with a Crown of thorns cried the father: PERDONALOS because don’t know what you do!. He had cleaned lepers, blind healed, forgiven sins, returned the life, multiplied loaves and fishes him that so many tears had dried back gave. If you give you account which in a miraculous night was wrapped tenderly in its infancy by his mother, more afternoon would be wrapped in a canvas and laid in a tomb. If you give you account. !How precious, o God, is thy mercy! salt 36.7 original author and source of the article.

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Low Fat Foods Dont Take

If you walk down the aisle of any store you will see dozens of foods that claim to be low in fat and fat-free. The whole world has gone mad with low-fat foods and most people think that if it just starts to eat lower fat foods then your body will have less fat also. It sounds logical. But it is incorrect. As you can see, the problem with this kind of thinking is that there is no direct relationship between ingested fat calories and fat in a person’s body tissue. The truth is that your body can convert any type of calorie in adipose tissue not only calorie fats. For example, if you eat 2 kilograms of sugar every day, then you will probably gain some adipose tissue after awhile, but however sugar does not contain fats.

Thus, eating 2 kilos of sugar every day means eating fat-free, but however, you still notice the increase in fat in your body. Similarly, if you eat a huge bowl of rice White in each meal will then get in brief adipose tissue in your body, but however, this is a fat-free food also. What then, does tell you that about eat food without fat? Not only that, but there are a lot of desserts, cookies and cakes without grease sold in every grocery store. But do you honestly believe that these foods are healthy by the mere fact that they are low in fat? Of course not and gain extra fat if you eat too much of them. In fact, throughout our society has been eating foods low in fat in greater numbers in the last decade but, however, our society is still a society of fat and obese people. So I must say something about low-fat diets.You should stop think about food without fat and low in fat, since these are only rumors to make it feel as if these foods are healthy. The truth is that you don’t have to worry about fat or does not have to worry about of the total number of carbohydrates at each meal. So you have to worry about is the exact type of foods that are combined in each meal, so you get the proper portion of calories from fat and carbohydrates at each meal, and can thus maximize weight loss. Do you want to lose weight now? Lose weight Simple other resources original author and source of the article

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Women In The Futbol Profesional

The role of women within the profesionalsiempre football has been non-existent, because of machismo that prevails in football since its inception. Today, taking advantage of the international women’s day, in FutbolProfesional we discuss the future of this sport, with the women involved in the. And it is that there are already many women who dedicated many efforts, to someday be able to form part of the technical chart of any professional club as a coach for example, considering profesionalen Trainer course different countries. As Viviana Cristante, in statements to the 442 portal, ensure that when you have men who runs soccer, most think it is arbitration, and not training. Joseph Blatter, President of FIFA, has neither let slip the opportunity to speak today in this regard, making that the future of this sport goes hopelessly in the acceptance of women in a world traditionally for men, FIFA has always believed that the future of football is conjugated in female. Blatter said that FIFA seeks to use the power of football to generate positive social change, especially in the areas of health and education. From these lines would encourage all women who want to engage in this world that do not curb in their hard work and dedication, that the good work always gives its fruit original author and source of the article

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Healthy Male-Female Relationships

Men and women we used the same words, but tenth different things. How the woman uses the language the women use the words to express their deeper feelings. Often, their phrases have high an emotional load. The woman does not express loose words, but internal feelings. In addition, their hidden words usually have hidden meaning, subliminal messages.

To the man sometimes it is called on to him to be as a wizard to know the real intention than the woman it is saying behind a certain phrase. For example, if the woman never says you listen to to me, for the common man it can sound like a complaint; but really what means he is today I am sensible, it was not a good day and I want that you pay attention to me; I need empathy and your understanding, because me it makes very happy that you listen to to me. Where it is the problem? In which the woman really thinks that the men we understand all the subliminal messages behind its words. And she is not thus. The woman says to itself if he lands on water to me, would understand to me. But you I assure, if you are woman, who by much love that the men we have, the majority of times we did not catch what really they try to say! How the language uses the man the man uses the language of more direct form, to transmit information or facts concrete objectives and.

The man usually does not use the language to transmit his feelings. Even, when the man speaks than he feels, for of descriptive form, informing, without emotions often involved (unless they are very strong emotions). For that reason he is that to the man it is very difficult to him to understand what the woman tries to say behind her words. It does not have nor idea than his wife he is thinking. In the example of You never listen to me! , the man understands this like a reclamation or a complaint, where his wife says to him that he never is available for her. He therefore one gets angry, and it thinks that his wife does not value what he does. Then he begins to name the times him where he has listened to yes it. Different linguistic abilities Another difference is that to the woman it enchants to him to express what thinks and feels. In addition, superior has a linguistic ability. To the man, however, it does not like to speak than it feels, and little speech than it thinks. And often the man does not know how to express many things. This difference usually makes hopeles the woman because it wishes to know everything of him, how it was to him, what thinks on the matter, how feels and the man is hopeless, because he does not want don’t mention it to speak but to only rest. Original author and source of the article

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