July, 2014

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Love Tarot

Reflections Love Tarot reflections love today, I want to answer some very specific things to you, my friends, my patients, my hearts because there are many that I am asked and consulted about almost the same thing. Love tarot, three words, nothing more than three, in which I summarize, see reflections of many of you. Many need reflections on love and arise many times from my tarot card readings. Among the reflections, love, tarot, summary is the common questions do I want? I am interested you? We’ll be together? It will be called? Is for me? Will we have children? And many more questions. But what comes in addition to the answers is that roads must follow in each response. One of the reflections, (Council), not be it.

Do not be hurry. Go step by step with him. Your love waits somewhere (true love). Do not ask for a love that is not possible. Search for healthy relationships. If you live in discussions with him everything will end badly. Don’t insist on that relationship.

Do not you like to work? Well, you already know what It will occur. Do not flame, disappears?, looking for another guy who is really interested, you want day and night estar Contigo. Remember, the anxiety and the evil genius do not help, all sink it. The love of my life many times have spoken of the love of my life? how many times have you felt unique? how many times have you felt heart broken? The love of my life is an expression that I’ve heard countless times, and I’ve heard the heartbreaks in my consultations for those who have a broken heart. But in my consultations, many, then, they have been told that they had finally found it and that it was not he who believed, that when they believed that the man who left them, was the true love were that it wasn’t such, that his pain was worth, that your love came later, delay and the heartbreak was necessary to find what really was for themtold me, the love of my life if you feel wretched at a loss, he thinks that perhaps it is just that you are in the door of happiness, of love, of passion, of the Royal opportunity to find what you call the love of my life your moment is unique and you must prepare yourself well for cannot be wrong.

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Proximal Development

In this way the construtivismo standes out that action of the citizen in the process of cognitivo development, that is, everything is reflected of the actions that if reveal in coherent and logical operations of the thought, since, they possess some factors that contribute such as, the maturation, the social experience with the physical world, experiences and equilibrao (auto-regulation). For PIAGET the individual learns with the interaction with the other, detaching the interaction between partners and the maturation, therefore it is ahead of the interaction that the individual develops its intelligence and if it appropriates of knowledge of its social inheritance, that is, in accordance with the way where it lives it develops new perceptions and it interacts learning. In the episode of interaction between children, it has a confrontation and perspectives of clutter in the resolution of a problem. That is, this conflict implies in a process of cognitiva reorganization of the individual. In the case it is a process of understanding and later desestrutura to transform into another one hypothesis.

For VYGOTSKY (1978) the culture is a constituent element of the development of the human being, that is, its development if relates to the way and the interaction of the culture that it lives deeply, the same attributes the social interaction as a constituent paper to construct superior knowledge, thus a child whom it does not possess interaction with more demanding cognitivas structures hardly will go to develop such abilities. In this case VYGOTSKY if relates to the Zone of Proximal Development; as in the distance the level of current development enters, determined for the done solution of problems individually, and Potential Level of Development; defined as the solution of problems with adult orientation or contribution of capable partners. That is, the learning consists of the internalizao of the process of social interchange. However the Psychology of the development involves studies of affective, cognitivas, social and biological 0 variable all in the period of the life of the individual. Some consideraes they had been made on the organic maturation of the individual, and its genetic bases (the internal 0 variable), to another influence of the environment (the way where it lives). Search to understand the diverse interactions that occur and as if of the o human development.

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The Concept

The meaning of such statements: "what we already know as A, that is what we have found the content of A, also has a content of B ". If the object of knowledge altogether unknown, we have an opinion, the grammatical expression of which is an impersonal sentence, like "thunder," "boring," "light" and etc. This kind of opinion only on the external expression of his impersonal, ie, no object. In fact, it is also directed at an object and something about it expresses, but here the subject is uncertain, unmarked in the concept. Such an impersonal proposition is an existential proposition, "something is A," or "And there is." "Thunders" means "thunder is." The statement "A is B" can be reduced in meaning to existential propositions. As it stands, "along with the content of A is also in the content," then it can be expressed in the impersonal form "is the content A and content B", which is equivalent to an existential statement "the content of A and B content am. " In future, this opinion is written in the form of "A + B is." Thus, any objective, in terms of knowledge can be expressed in the form of an existential proposition. The statement "there is a" refers to an indefinite itself the subject of X, in which structure is A, and this is expressed by an indefinite subject in the word "is". This implies that every subject knowledge involves cognitive gaze direction to the unknown, to some , which sought and was called to the content of A.

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