August, 2014

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Dangerous Toys

Frequently, more of the one than we would like, we found out distant toys of the market by their possible risk for the health the small ones. It does few days, the Cabinet has taken a necessary step on the matter approving a new norm of labelling in dangerous toys. Concretely, in inflammable toys or with chemical compounds. It is a new decree that introduces in the Spanish law the modifications conducted in the European norm as a result of new classifications on the composition of the toys, and that simultaneously prohibits or limits the presence in the toys of substances or mixtures of substances detrimental for the health or the security of the children. By more care than we put when choosing the toys of our children, the parents we do not know the danger sometimes who can get to have. His it is that the labelling is most meticulous possible and specifies in detail the risks. According to the new law, the labelling will have to include a warning if by essential reasons of operation the toy had to contain substances or mixtures susceptible to imply some risk, as it is the case of the chemical toys, of modelismo, modeled plastic or ceramic, photograph and others.

They will have to also contain an indication of the precautions that are due to adopt when manipulating the toy. In addition, will have to specify of concise form the dangers of the toy and to mention first aid that will be to render in case of serious accidents brought about by their use, as well as an indication of which those toys have to stay outside the reach of children of very short age. The toys are one of more dangerous articles of consumption, reason why I believe that all warning is little when it is the security of smallest. Even so, still they are measures to reinforce, for example related to the small pieces and the risk of asphyxia.

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