December, 2014

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Work of the doctor – one of the oldest as well as injury and illness accompanied mankind since the birth. And although the ancient doctors generally have contact with men – Hippocrates and Aesculapius, we can assume that even earlier is women's work. At the beginning of civilization, the men were primarily hunters and protectors, and of course, the task of recovery and healing was on the weak part of human society. And looking at the consequences of, early women doctors have coped with this problem. The tasks of the modern physician is included: the provision of timely routine and emergency medical care, identification based on various diseases, diagnosis and treatment implementation activities for patients, the implementation of preventive measures, including new products, the implementation of health education, development and implementation of advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. It is easy to see that there is no difference – people what sex will be managed with all of these activities. Also, carefully and thoroughly – usually female dignity than men. And you can be sure that in most cases it is women who succeed are more likely. Besides such necessary qualities for such a profession as a sense of tact, patience and self control, accuracy, responsibility, willingness to always offer the required medical care – still more developed in women.

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