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Information Psychotherapy

If conventional psychotherapy of children does not help Berlin, 3.Juli 2012 – more and more children are verhaltensauffallig and need a psychotherapy of children. If a specific diagnosis can be made, the children get then typically also support. But there are also children who are clearly noticeable in her overall personality, but medically examined individual characteristics yet always within normal ranges are to meet any specific diagnostic criteria. These children and their parents can fall into a social exception position that leads to significant difficulties. The kids if ever reach a school which is below their actual skills and get problems with their social environment. Failure in their education is accused of the parents, even if they have educated their children educationally completely normal. What remains is guilt of the parents, a strained family situation and fear for the future of children. Education advisor and Also, parents advice does not help because they assume that the differentiation between troubled development and mental ill children then help through psychotherapy of children and normal children with then educational support for parents.

There are children, for which no diagnostic is satisfied and that are so different, but now that normal education methods have no effect. These children often show a mix of symptoms of autism, sensitive perception with including of ad(H)S, Savant syndrome (Island talent) and giftedness. For these children, a new child psychotherapy, an auditory of EMDR therapy, testing is now. To listen to the children in their daily lives such as glasses or braces a bilaterally stimulating CD. The bilateral stimulating CD used an ear in quick change only so the brain receives auditory impulses alternately from left to right, and this supports the connection between the hemispheres of the brain. This has impact on the processing in the brain and the entire personality of children. More Information to the auditory EMDR therapy, see sites.google.com/site/indigokindemdrtherapie-oriented Dr.

rer. pol. “Safi Haajboy, author of harmonic birthday: birthday without losing Gemeinschaftsfordernde matches” the auditory EMDR therapy developed for her own son and offered this now other parents find no help in the conventional psychotherapy of children.

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Own experiences and readings in the fight against depression depression is an incisive, thus experience – for those affected as for nationals! The leaden seriousness of the body and the thoughts, positive in the world to watch the inability, the crippling blackness, which robs one of the last strength. At the age of 28, I had to hear a depression on his own body. Staying in a psychiatric day clinic, I understood it fine to pitfalls all soul and to interpret the collapse as a bout of weakness. Only after a terrible relapse dawned on me that there is maybe more than a bout of weakness behind and I went in stationary psychiatric treatment. My fear to trust a psychologist and look into my soul was stronger than my fear of the depression. It flared up an inner struggle over the question of whether I should or not engage me in the therapy. I am writing to this inner struggle in humorous, self-ironic way in my autobiographical novel “blue beans and broken hearts. According to my readers, this book is a good opportunity, humorous way, but it with the necessary seriousness with the subject of psychotherapy apart put as of affected and as members! However, my main project is that I offer a platform through readings, to inform themselves about depression and to ask questions that “burn to the soul”. Recently, I gave a reading in the series of events to promote health in mental disease of the Alliance against depression in collaboration with the Alliance against depression. After the lecture, the interested parties had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about my way out of the depression. Would you know about Depessionen? Are you interested in that I give a reading on the subject?

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Exercise Journal

With the passing of winter and the approximation to a more warm season there is a need for many people, get in shape of face to show off a figure most molded or simply feel better with one same and experience an improved State of health. Therefore, Puleva health portal has developed, in collaboration with the specialist and Bachelor of science in physical activity and sport, Jorge Ruiz, an exercise Guide for people who currently sport daily and wish to strengthen your abdomen or tone up your legs with specific exercises for the area in question to work for those who carry a long time of inactivity sport and want to start in the world of exercise physicist moderate with some simple exercise tables that will enable them to strengthen their body with the realization and combination of a simple exercise every day. Training guide: in shape with an exercise per day is mainly based on movement, considered one of the biological needs fundamental of man, which ensures its well-being and benefit your overall health and the health of the bones in particular. Hence arises the need to appeal to the illusion of the individual as the essential engine that drives you to exercise to reach your point balance between physical and mental well-being and cover, in this way, the vital need to feel good with one same. Through this guide, in addition to finding recommendations of exercises of arms, legs, trunk and cervical, the user can access a number of tips about the scale of effort on which it has to substantiate its physical exercise, repetitions to be performed, as well as the aim of their time of sport and the most suitable material to be used to ensure the final welfare and avoid setbacks in the form of injury. In addition, this guide online contains a series of tests that will allow the individual measure his State of current form to have a clear reference from which depart in the resumption of physical exercise, which, to be taken into account, always splitting a long period of physical inactivity, the recommendation to go to a sporting or medical specialist to evaluate the way in which goes to carry out that returning to the sport routine.

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