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Government Hides

They are 7 prophecies FIRST PROPHECY: According to this prophecy, the 21 OF DECEMBER OF 2012 the Sun will receive a ray synchronizer of the center of the galaxy with which a new cycle will begin. SECOND PROPHECY: The second prophecy announced that, from the eclipse of the 11 OF AUGUST OF 1999, the physical transformations in the Sun would alter to the behavior of the men and the climate. THIRD PROPHECY the action of the man will increase the temperature of the Earth and will produce climatic and geologic imbalances. 4 PROPHECY is predicted a heat wave Here that will bring about the melting of the ice of the poles. According to the Mayans, this it will be the way in which the planet will be cleaned and turned green again. 5 PROPHECY According to the fifth prophecy, if we did not tune our behavior with the rates of the nature and the galaxy, before the 2012 we will see fail all the systems on which our civilization is based.

6 PROPHECY It speaks of the appearance of a comet that will bring very abrupt physical transformations in our planet. SEVENTH PROPHECY. In 7 prophecy the Mayans left a hope message us. They said that from a voluntary effort to obtain the harmony and inner La Paz, we will be able to develop new senses and to be integrated to the operation of the galaxy. All we, way or another one, we felt that we are beginning to live the times on the Apocalypse. All we felt the war. Every day it has but pollution generated by our technology has become alarming. We have debilitated the ozone layer that it protects to us of the radiations of the Sun.

We have contaminated the planet with our industrial remainders and sweepings. The devastation of the natural resources this ending the sources d water, with the air that we breathed. The climate has changed and the temperatures have increased of impressive way; the snow-covered glaciers and melt, great floods follow one another anywhere in the world. If there were sometimes a date that seemed to correspond with the Hour, or Final Day, is the 2012. The air abounds with speculations exceeds what it will happen in this date, more specifically in the winter solstice (North hemisphere), 21 of December of 2012. Often people speak of a cataclysm, a natural disaster or a world war. Others notice on supernatural events we will be visited by extraterrestrial or some unpredictable cosmic phenomenon nonsight until now that irrevocably will alter the nature of our perception of the reality. Still others see in this date the fulfillment of Biblical old prophecies, some speculate that this date can mark the beginning of a new evolucionario cycle or was geologic in the Earth history. Many people must know very little on this date or the Mayan calendar, and because this particular date it seems to have as much meaning for an increasing number of people. It is important to give much light to this date so that we pruned to determine by we ourself what can mean and because the spiritual masters has a critical value in this time.

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The time and the place in which our history is developed it does not have major importance because what I am going to tell to them does not have time nor space. He is something as old as the same human being, because it has to do with the human being. I will begin but it like almost all the stories to delight our ears and to remember more than one than to learn is necessary to be young or young. rase once a doctor who owned a special gift. It could see the death. It did not work in a hospital. It liked the direct relation with its patients. It never left a house without before to have shared a coffee or a tea with the relatives of or the patient.

It gave the opportunity him of escudriar, always of good faith, the mysteries of the family to see if by one of those chances it did not find one cures not indeed to the evil that afflicted to the patient, and medicando prescriptions, but rather promoting changes in which it denominated the soul of the family. Nevertheless often its face acquired an expression of deep malaise, grief and an irremediable sadness. And he is that the good man in the majority of occasions beforehand knew the outcome the affected patient. The death, they paint as it in stories, their black tnica and with the scythe in hand one appeared against, the times that took care of the patients in their beds. With time it had managed to distinguish that if appeared to the head of the victim it meant that still it was going to live. The times that appeared on their feet, the destiny had been sealed and the medical poor man little could make to avoid the inescapable thing. At the outset, in those cases, he had chosen to communicate the truth to them to the relatives.

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Adam searched with a lantern every meter of space, but finding nothing, returned to dinner at the roll call. Target date approached completion. Soon had to close and seal the labyrinth, so no one can get lost in it. The thought of it drove Adam mad. She did not give him a second of rest. He became silent and withdrawn, a lot of weight and lost weight. All agreed that the head of the party fell ill, and advised him to return home without waiting for the end of the expedition.

Such conversations brought him almost to madness. After lunch, Adam sat down on a piece of the stele and waited for another flash. An hour passed, two, three, but nothing happened. It was only late in the afternoon at six and seven o'clock he saw a light in the rock. Hence, the signal was applied only during certain hours, morning and evening. It is also possible in the afternoon, but he learns about it only tomorrow. Adam did not sleep all night. He tossed and turned in bed and drank the pills for a headache.

At half past four archaeologist dressed, took the lantern and went into the labyrinth. Finding the right corridor, he glanced at the clock – they pointed to five for five minutes. He extinguished the lantern, and left in complete darkness and waited. Five minutes passed and suddenly at the end of the impasse began to light up one of the stones. Archaeologist ran to the wall and put pressure on the cobblestones.

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