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Pharmaceutical Industry Specialized

The pharmaceutical industry’s global activities have dramatically increase demand for premium translation services in this area. The pharmaceutical industry is dominated by a trend for the global consolidation in recent years, which manifests itself in the form of mergers and acquisitions of pharmaceutical companies. The result: The creation of globally active corporations. The pharmaceutical industry’s global activities have dramatically increase demand for premium translation services in this area. By this development, demand increasing on companies that specialize in medical translations and certification processes in key markets contribute, which authorities are subject to the regulation by the competent U.S. (FDA), European (EMEA) and Japanese (PMDA).

However, the pressure is growing on these companies. The globalization of the pharmaceutical industry, translation company offers new opportunities, but also challenges associated with. Benefits of working with a Company that specializes in translations for the pharmaceutical industry is a very special area of expertise, which demands the translator comprehensive expertise industry-specific expertise and precision in the expression that is Pharmacy. There is no scientific background, pharmaceutical terms often not readily let open up. Translation service provider in this area should be familiar with industry-specific acronyms, eponymous and Latin phrases, and terms that are used in pharmacology. Precision, accuracy, experience in technical writing, care and attention to detail are essential in this area, since even small inaccuracies can have devastating effects. Technically savvy, native in-house translators decide is used for a translation company that has a large internal team of experts who translate exclusively into their native language, and ideally in the country of destination. Drug companies are required to submit technical documents, product identifiers, as well as the results of clinical studies in the language of the country in which intended that the drugs.

Native speaking experts ensure that your texts are perfectly localized or adapted and 100% comply with all current regulations and market requirements. Customer – and industry-specific dictionaries and glossaries using a consistent terminology in all relevant documents and projects can ensure also. This ensures not only consistency, but reduces the time and cost. A comprehensive portfolio of voice services a good translation company covers various pharmaceutical topics, such as: data from/to clinical trials clinical trials documentation CMC (chemistry, manufacturing & control) CP (central authorisation procedure) DP (decentralized approval) drug approval drug development drug manufacturing logins to the patenting of pharmaceuticals of registration dossiers Pharmaceutical sales and marketing drug labelling and packaging, marketing materials, press releases, product launches operation cutlery, medical technology and medical devices medical information for patients and doctors medical news (and summaries of articles from medical journals) MRP (mutual recognition procedure) multimedia products (health education / medical reference works) package inserts inserts, packaging, marking presentations articles SmPC (summary of product characteristics) documents for submission to health authorities testing user interfaces for medical software you will need pharmaceutical translations? With pleasure we create you an offer: request

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Doctors Information

Benefit donors, ineffective, contacter and informants success analyses for the pharmaceutical sales force are based mainly on the input-output methodology, the transfer quality, i.e. the details of individual relationship structure between Pharma speakers and the doctors looked after by them, is hardly the subject of investigations. But the importance of these approaches is growing. An approach of the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategizing (IFABS) helps this. Pharmaceutical speakers stand in a double competitive relationship: on the one hand with regard to sales representatives of competing companies, on the other hand with regard to alternative sources of information, which can use the doctors visited by them in the main Internet. In the context of the field monitoring project of sales talk insights”visited physicians were asked by Pharma consultants therefore usefulness in information the respective staff visit in relation to the two aforementioned areas had. For each Advisor could in this way for him Doctors looked after a competitive performance profiled are (fig. 1), that describes his contest-related benefits positioning.

The competitive performance results from the merging of profiles portfolio (fig. 2), which gives an insight into the general quality of benefit transfer by subgroups or entire staffs of the pharmaceutical sales force about the distribution of the four basic types: the founder of benefits provided by their doctors in regard to the competition external services, as well as on the Internet as an unrivalled, their benefit is hard to replace from the physician perspective. The inefficient are characterized by the contrary position of the customers. The Contacters understand in a personal conversation and conduct their contact to generate a positive balance of benefits, this record fails however negatively in comparison to other sources of information. The informants are inferior to its competitors in the personal contact, the quality of information that is mediated by them is from point of view of doctors but superior to the Internet sources, for example. due to the nature of the information composition or the way of explanation. Fig. 1: Fig. 2: on the subject: increase in success in the pharmaceutical distribution: the regional benchmarking customer satisfaction analysis for determination of customer care quality scores IFABS, sales representative / Klaus-Dieter Thill

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