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What happens if there are no more pharmacies soon in the rural towns? In the Federal Republic of Germany, there are some places doctor shortage, it’s been around for some time. It is also known that many job vacancies remain unfilled in the geriatric care and nursing. The risk should be for most however surprising that now saying that there is a decline in pharmacies, which in the long term at the expense of the residence provision in rural areas could go Heinz-Gunter Wolf, head of the Federal Association of German pharmacists associations (ABDA), has described. His statement based on new numbers of Abda Heinz-Gunter Wolf. The figures show that in the first half of 2012 week for week six pharmacies have set their operation. End of June in the Federal Republic of Germany, there 21.080 pharmacies and pharmacists and thus 522 less than in 2008.

Many pharmacies”, as Heinz-Gunter Wolf, struggling to survive.” Therefore, Wolf reiterated his criticism that by economy Minister Philipp Rosler (FDP) planned boost of the so-called surcharges by 25 cents to 8.35 euros was insufficient. The pharmacists get this surcharge if they submit a prescription drug. Pharmacists “Pharmacy”die attempting to counteract strong. Pharmacist Dr. Uwe Ludwig and man from Lubeck is trying to generate new customers via the Internet with his site for pharmacies. “With my new home page for my pharmacy find me my customers over the Internet and can then even online order from me”, so Dr., m.

“Create a pharmacy home page is quite simple, many of my colleagues shy away from the new technology, which is however unfounded”, emphasizes Dr., m. The pharmacist Dr., Rahman complained about but also the planned surcharge to 25 cents on prescription drugs: “we need this supplement. Calculated on the amount of the planned surcharge helps us significantly.” Whether pharmacists, who are fighting for survival”, helped pharmacies is, if any (so including those with large sales and with a good economic background) get more money, not, but there is a gap between city and country, is however correct. For example in the city-state of Bremen with its approximately 660,000 inhabitants, there are currently 163 pharmacies, while on the other hand the large surface Land Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which has 1.6 million inhabitants, comes to 407. That means in plain language: as there are many pharmacies and pharmacists in Germany, however, while they clench in the downtown areas of big cities, 1020 widely off the supply in the country. Jonas Prinz to Hohenlohe – ohringen

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