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Maintaining A Company

Company, maintaining an accounting of other organizations Pros: ratio of price and quality to best in the usn than coming accountants. In conventional systems the ratio of price and quality of the incoming accountant carrying responsibility for their work, and maintenance costs for companies that conduct accounting of other organizations, about the same nic liability to the Customer accountants The company employs a team – have the opportunity to exchange experience Cons: your primary documents are stored outside the walls of your office Cost: Let us try to understand why in one and the same work in the sector, accounting services, so different prices. Swarmed by offers, Professor Roy Taylor is currently assessing future choices. The cost of renting the premises at all different, but usually it is the sum of a proportion is negligible relative to the cost of full-time accountants. As a rule, companies are responsible for work done, to litigation with a client who wants. That is why many companies keep prices high for accounting services, due to high quality specialists. If the company finds the balance: the cook – creates and directs povaryata – cut, mixed, cooked, roasted under the watchful eye of the creator, then we obtain the average market price.

Make sure that the work is worth the money, who ask only to have a conversation with company management and Your future as an accountant. Tip: choose a company that is located at the same address for a long time and the market not less than 3 years make sure that yours assigning a specific accountant inquire how many companies have one employee is whether he views the company with activities like you how is monitoring the work assigned to your accountant firm management try to leave the primary documentation with them (For example, if you work in the Bank-client ", it is enough to convert your bank statement in the format of 1C that fail to provide the outsourcing company, and currently you can already safely keep all bank documents. Already very successful company operates legal entity) Ask whether the company gives a transcript of labor costs: what work was done and how much time it was made in the context of each task at the end of the month Who has access to the documents your company What liability is provided for substandard work done (for example: failure to deadlines established by the reporting providing the client card payments for taxes for the wrong csc. At whose expense-paid penalties and interest)

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Arbitrational National Court

FiadorEntre the changes, are the exemption of the bailer and the creation of regraspara the bailer change during the contract. Currently, the Law doInquilinato does not deal with the subject, that comes being analyzed with Civil base noCdigo. The project benefits the lodger who, will be themselves good payer, could be unobligated to register a bailer or any another degarantia form (insurance-bail, deposit pledge etc). The bailer, in turn, will be able to give up its paper, apenascom the communication with 120 days of antecedence to the proprietor for queseja found another one. The proprietor also will be able to demand a novofiador, in case that the old one enters the regimen of judicial recovery, dandomais guarantees to the proprietor. The landlord will be able to still relieve aempresa guarantor, who pass for crisis economic-financier. Noscasos of familiar dissolution or death of the renter, the bailer to poderisentar itself of its responsibilities, in the stated period of 30 days after new acomunicao made for the responsible one for the rent.

The effect dafiana after remain during 120 days notification of the part of the landlord. Fine rescisriA proposal adjusts to the new 18 = 12 missing months), that is, 1,2 rent. In case that the law pass to be valid, all the renters will be able to ask for that seuscontratos are readjusted, if the proper landlord not to take aprovidncia. No clause could be modified without assent deambas the parts. The alteration of the Lease law proporcionamais agility to the evictions, and provides to more guarantees aosbons lodgers, also bringing up to date the procedure muitonecessitava that it of a repaginao. *Fernanda Snows of the Cruz graduated Right, postgraduate in Civil action and especializadaem Right Real estate and Arbitration. She is managing of the Arbimvel> Mediation eArbitragem for Real estate Businesses. It acted as it decides enters 2006 e2008 in the Arbitrational National Court. Email: fernanda@ arbimovel.com.br

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Do I need a paid hosting? A friend of mine for many years leads to the site narod.ru. Something to hide almost all beginners before starting a serious project to try to force free areas if the project does not aim to profit is faster to boot, the others often close to useless. Free hosting does not give a competitive rate. Technical support you need? If you choose free web hosting, then you are actually support themselves. In this case it depends on you not all. Paid hosting gives you the professionals from whom you have the right to demand that, for what you pay for. The amount of space. Important factor, if your site is – not just a business card site.

For that would not drive for file storage user sooner or later will require a large amount of space. You can certainly find a free hosting with a large amount, but then have to search. And any hosting service has a ceiling. Just paid hosting this ceiling does not understate. Lack of third-party advertising on the site you dispose of yourself in advertising on your site and you are not annoying banner at the top of hosting the site, which free hosting is usually hung in payment for their services. Now, let's just take a look and an open mind on the weaknesses that paid hosting is also definitely has. First and foremost is the price.

Well, this is probably the least disadvantage of all. Competition among web hosting providers steadily forcing prices to fall. Additionally, you can pick up rate, convenient for you. But pay that, or else have to. But the significant downside is the same capacity. Let me explain: the more your hosting provider, the less its lack of capacity at all. And here's one great advantage in high speed upload your page can be questioned. Many Hosters are placed on one server and 1000 client and site, it always falls out. On my cms-host.net on one server, we place no more than 100 accounts and watch if one of the sites creates a greater burden than is necessary than a nuisance to others users, translating this resource into another more unloaded server hosting So choose, given his workload. So we weighed the pros and cons, which has a paid hosting, you now choose. Remember to analyze all the choices carefully. In fact, the apparent advantage as such has no paid hosting. You can host your site for free, buy him a second level domain and hosting provider to disable ads for a couple of your site is worse than a good free hosting. So make a choice with intelligence, analyzing the pros and cons, considering every single hosting. I am their sites on their hosting and until all satisfied.

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