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Excess Weight

Everyone knows that he is compared to others does not look, appearance and interior are different. And all of their corresponding blood group. Almost everyone thinks about your body wants to look great. Nutritionists have come to the conclusion that if a person will rely on a diet that suits his blood group, it will not cause any harm to health. She did not faint rights and also gives the results, all proceeds from the assumption that the removed those foods that are not desirable for the blood group. Everyone knows excess body weight – this is the initial process of destruction within the body.

lose weight by 5 kg in 3 days when people begin to feed on the diet they are even suitable blood group, the normal process of digestion of food toxins disappear, burn excess fat. No need to torture yourself different methods of fasting. Diet for the first blood group. To this species are lovers eat meat. Y They pretty strong character, always in the lead, self-sufficient. A good immune system and digestive system.

From the fact that immunity is too strong, he sometimes starts vrednichat body. In the process, a person Allergies. To prevent this happening should use red meat, liver, they accelerate the metabolism. Here are foods that have a iodine: seafood, seaweed, greens, iodized salt. Proven croup – Buckwheat. To increase the production of thyroid hormones, it is necessary to drink the juices from the radish and the radish and carrot in half. Very suitable: green tea, rose hips, ginger, lime, mint, licorice, seltzer water. You can also wine and red white, beer, tea, ginseng, sage, chamomile, raspberry leaf, valerian. It is desirable to dispense with such cereals as wheat and oats and their products. You also need to remove from the daily diet of coffee, drinks are strong, fresh cabbage, potatoes, corn, pickles, ketchup, ice cream, citrus, and sugar. Such as vitamins A and E are also not needed. Yeast food is not very body needs. You should not overdo it with aspirin, it thins the blood and increases the acidity. To help your diet you can do aerobics, running, swimming and skiing. Diet for the second group of blood. To this species are vegetarians. If your vegetarian diet in this type of human immune and digestive system will always be in very good condition. When eating meat lowers metabolism, elimination – chicken or turkey. The most suitable products for their milk – fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, low fat, cheese. Allowed in drinking eggs and soy products. You can also take in food grains, vegetable oil, olive oil and flaxseed, broccoli and beans. Much-needed vitamins B, C, E, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium. Do not give up on garlic, onions, carrots. Sugar and chocolate decrease in use. Spicy and salty foods should not generally be present at your table – vinegar, tomatoes, herring, cabbage, pepper, ketchup, salt fish, cucumber and potato. There will also add sour fruits and vegetables, mayonnaise and all the spices. Help your diet can help with yoga. Diet and the third group of blood. This kind of omnivorous. The most suitable food meat (except poultry), milk-fat foods, whole grains (except buckwheat, and wheat), vegetables (except corn, olives and squash), fish, eggs and beans. It will be useful for the organism herbs, veal, salads, liver, fruits (except coconut and rhubarb). Read more about how to lose weight in 2 weeks, 5 kg

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World Health Organization

Belly fat could be a sign of medical center metabolic syndrome, which causes heart attacks and diabetes must be careful with waist circumference over 80 inches in women and 90 men . The key is to finish the abdominal and visceral fat in a healthy way. Alvaro Ruiz, medical internist and clinical epidemiologist, says that a person stores fat in the abdomen guard, in turn, visceral fat, “and that mass produces very active chemical compounds that can unsettle the internal metabolism of fats and sugars” liquid . Various studies have agreed that (in the case of Latin America) those with a waist circumference greater than those noted above are more likely to have metabolic syndrome, triple the heart attack and five times the risk of diabetes type 2. A measured oscar Alba, endocrinologist of the Colombian Association of Endocrinology, defines this syndrome as a series of alterations that are detected by physical and laboratory examinations. People suffering “according to Alba usually have excess abdominal perimeter and a tendency to hypertension. Laboratory tests show that these persons have high levels of triglycerides and blood sugar and have reduced the amount of so-called “good cholesterol”. It is believed that when a person has three of these five conditions, you already have metabolic syndrome. Knowing, however, requires people to see. In fact, everyone is promoting and physicians who take the vital signs of people who consult them, they also measure the abdominal circumference. FAQ aesthetic procedures to remove or reduce risks decrease fat ‘No. liposuction, for example, does not remove the fat that is inside the viscera, which is nociva. specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality health-care services has insurance solutions to meet your challenges A skinny person may also suffer from the syndrome’ Although not as common, if it occurs. In other words, there are people who are physically thin but metabolically obese. The only way to tell is eating by the relevant tests, ordered by the physician. What is the best way to eliminate that visceral fat ‘If a person adopting healthy lifestyle habits, you can lose weight and reduce the fat so dangerous healthier. Balanced diet (several servings of fruits memorial and vegetables a day, low intake of honey refined flour and sugar and increasing fiber intake) and daily exercise (at least one hour of physical activity a day under aerobic conditions, such as running, swimming and cycling) are the most recommended way to make it quite to this syndrome. What vitamin are the treatments against this problem, ‘There are drugs that are complementary to the adoption of healthy lifestyles, in cases where the people can not control the anxiety of eating. Others are in ny experimentaci hospitals take aim at reducing the amount of fat in the blood. Experts centers agree that good diet and exercise are crucial. For believing in May last year the World Health Organization support the realization of a survey (Idea), which was attended by nearly 5,000 doctors worldwide. During a day, these professionals measured the abdominal perimeter (AP) of their patients. In Colombia, attended by 120 professionals and 3,700 patients around the country. The results concern: 67 percent exceeded the maximum dimensions of PA (49.7 men and 67.1 for women). 7 out of 10 overweight or obese. 1 vitamins in 5 had high blood pressure. 1 in 3 high cholesterol. 1 in 6 smoking. 7 out of 100 had diabetes. If we extrapolate the results of these measurements, the result would be that of a population highly exposed to suffer strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. The Tiempo.com.

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Black Sea

Sultan Beach – Hotel more chic, the rooms are at $ 15 more expensive (per day) than King Tut, but the sea and there is worse. So, it’s hard to say which hotel I liked more. They fed us in both hotels is very good choice of food was great. If you are thinking in Egypt, the necessarily take the ticket to ‘all inclusive’, so come out much cheaper than paying for lunch. Holidays in Egypt is very different from a holiday on the Black Sea coast of Russia. We have most of their time resting on hold embankment, and in Egypt – in hotels. It was very interesting to observe the work of animators in Egypt (one of the activities of our company – a job in Egypt).

Animators – it’s staff, who organize recreational activities for tourists, such as conducting classes water aerobics, play volleyball, walk along the beach and tourists convene for an evening show. I must admit I learned a lot about the nature of their work. Thing for me interesting – the animators at many hotels are working much less than I thought they had a day did not always get to 8 hours. In addition, if certain experiences do not need to spend time in rehearsal, since the nature of activities does not change. All activities are conducted and organized by the animators are planned for the week ahead and always the same type, due to the fact that the hotel is a constant circulation of tourists, ie one and same tourists are not fall on the same event twice.

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