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Wellness Destination

Up and down the country the first signs of spring now show the Sauerland as a destination for wellness. They have not even impressed by new snowfalls and even the biggest skeptics make it clear, are not letting the spring. Wellness is more than useful especially after a long winter, and also the last winter feelings to shake off the body equally new impetus to give as well as the spirit. Both show very often almost like asleep in the winter months and enjoy pampering in the spa area. The Sauerland is considered one of the most beautiful regions of wellness in Germany, especially because of the many scenic attractions numerous wellness hotels are there, that actually can provide to guests spring sensations. Sauna, massages, Ayurveda, as well as a variety of other spa treatments, can be combined as in the Sauerland-based Spa Hotels with applications in the field of medical wellness as with sporting activities. The latter can be in the spring in an inspiring way experience not only in walking through the Sauerland, but also in cycling, mountain biking, horseback riding and many other outdoor sports.

Thanks to the increasing heat, makes a discovery of nature in the sauerland region twice as much joy and gives way to a new inner balance needed sometimes more attention through a certain wintry inertia to feel complete. The Sauerland and his Spa Hotels can be together with diverse spring offerings unhurriedly on../Sauerland.php. Feel well will be capitalized also and especially in the different Spa Hotels in terms of health and relaxation of the guests. There, but the prelude to the colorful and warm season is just still so beautiful. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH Grefrather road 25 41564 Kaarst phone: 02131 4038940 email: info at Internet:

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Is there a better place than the Garda to spend summer holidays? Lake Garda is everything you could want: culture, nature, relaxation, Sun, beach, sports, wealth, good food, good wines, outdoor life, Spa? Lake Garda is the ideal destination for all kinds of tourists! Sports enthusiasts will be here the ideal find, to their favorite activities: tennis, golf, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, walks on foot or by bicycle outdoor living is easy at Lake Garda, where throughout the year the climate is mild and dry. The not so strict climate allows sports from spring until autumn to drive! Gourmets and wine lovers will find a corner of paradise for his palate: tasty fish of the Lake, the red wine of Bardolino, or the famous white wine of Lugana, the Golden olive oil of Brenzone… Here on Lake Garda, you will learn the best culinary traditions! And lovers of culture? Culture enthusiasts can the steps of history by the most beautiful places of Lake Garda follow is indeed very interesting to discover the many forts and Church and Castle of Lake Garda! Lake Garda is a real piece of history! And lovers of relaxation? Who wants a holiday just to relax, will be located here the real Wellness on Lake Garda! You can relax on Lake Garda with long walks on the promenade and along the Lake. Official site: Martha McClintock. But you can relax with a book under an olive tree or Zypress. Or you can go in one of the many thermal baths. The best moment on Lake Garda is surely when, on the evening sun sets behind the mountains disappear and you and the person that you love, genius? s one of the most beautiful country tops of the world together. What do you think: you want this holiday? If they would make a trip to Lake Garda, then you could look for a hotel on the! is the portal of the hoteliers Association of Garda s here can try only the best structures on Lake Garda nut with a click book! What are you waiting? Lake Garda is just a few steps away from your dreams!

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Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket

On the day of the lovers, the ERD Buffalo is to the metal Tiger KIEL/KOH NAKA YAI – January 26, 2010. Flower greetings in the form of red roses, jewelry and chocolates – they are the usual suspects when man turns the question \”What I give my love for Valentine’s day?\”. It is all little original, is usually quickly forgotten and has hardly any personal reference. Instead, a gift to the essentials should be reduced: time for love and laughter. and the most far away from the everyday hustle and bustle with the necessary space for reflection. So, it needs a gift that enriches the lives of both partners at all levels.

Not so simple at all, but when the Chinese new year and Valentine’s day coincide this year anything is possible. So unfolds according to the Chinese calendar in the night of February 14, 2010 the year of the year of the Earth ox year of the metal Tiger and is another reason to welcome Valentine’s day. The energy of the new year stands for a new beginning, the return the origin and that is newly formed and finds. The internationally award-winning six senses destination Spa Phuket takes the coincidence of the two holidays as an opportunity to make an irresistible offer to lovers. Couples can in the period from the 11th to the 18th century on the small island of Koh an unforgettable time in an exclusive spend Naka Yai in Thailand Andaman Sea Hill pool villa at a special price and pampered by the holistic-oriented Spa offer under the guidance of world-renowned Wellnessberatern February and improve their well-being. The six senses destination Spa Phuket offers its guests a special price of THB 22.000,-(including taxes and fees – euro 470,-corresponds to approx.) per night per couple.

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Spa Hotel Reischlhof

The extension of the Spa Hotel Reischlhof in the border triangle accompany three webcams, a hotel is built around Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic and everyone can be live on webcam. An extensive programme of rebuilding and expanding the three star superior-Hotel Reischlhof in Sperlbrunn in the southern Bavarian Forest will begin in April. Three cameras illuminate the events from different perspectives, and sure many will look to how the Reischlhof will be even more attractive. 40,000 guests were contacted and asked to take a look at the hotel even remotely. Until June of this year the webcams will show what everything in the and around the Reischlhof.

You can watch how the new outdoor pool is created, supplemented by a new outdoor sauna. Inside the lobby area will be updated, an elevator is installed, grows a new area in the restaurant, the kitchen itself is new. Also, the guest can follow how the rooms are still appealing and comfortable. What does not change in the Reischlhof the family Atmosphere, which appreciate particularly the many regulars. Still, guests can enjoy the spacious Spa and wellness area, the Reischlhof Board, the professional as well as warm service, the framework programme for all tastes and the attractive excursion destinations. Unchanged nature and beautiful also the Wegscheider country in its meadows and forests of Reischlhof nestled presents itself. A comfortable refuge in summer as in winter, for a little break in between and for the longer holiday alike.

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Schiers Tel

In addition, the circulation is stimulated and the blood circulation improves. The daily GoFit walk incidentally not only positively affects the performance of body and mind out, but also on the overall mental balance,”explains Dietlinde Haverkamp, Managing Director of the goFit manufacturer. The goFit mat is used for years with great success in physiotherapeutic practices, wellness centres and the private sector in their country of origin, Switzerland. Its regular use serves the health care, supports healing and relieves complaints of various kind. Suggested retail price for end users per piece: 129 Euro including added value tax. Source:-phone: 0041-71-917 2908 – Internet: -. Email: background: foot reflexology healing and stimulating effect in Japan physicians know for centuries to the healing effect that produces the walking on a gravel beach. Based on this simple principle artificial gravel beds be created in Asian bath houses, which are taken naturally before and after bathing with bare feet.

Inspired by this simple method to stimulate the complex mesh of the foot reflex zones, Americans have adopted this system for many of their bathhouses. Foot reflexology is based on the recognition that there is a corresponding reflex area on the bottom of the feet for each organ of the body. Regular massaging of these points increases not only the body’s energy and will, but is considered one of the most effective methods of personal health care. The VitBeach health mat is the Pebble Beach at home, in the Office or on the road. Many complaints of physical, but also mental kind can significantly relieve himself by walking on the mat. A plethora of diseases that need to be treated with drugs or other therapeutic agents, foot reflexology massage is a complement of medical therapy.

The goFit-Fitnesssmatte ( The goFit fitness mat is a handy, 50 x 50 cm wide, rounded at the corners of the mat made of easy to clean, antistatic BiComponent Matt polyurethane (plastic). Its interface is modeled after the Pebble Beach, whose various pebbled can move in all directions. These features make the mat to a highly efficient medical device for the mechanical foot reflex zone massage. You is to go, enabled the entire reflex zones of the feet evenly with the feet of a surface. The goFit mat is designed for use in offices, as well as for use at home. The regular massage of the reflex zones on the bottom of the feet increases the body’s energy and activates the natural defence mechanisms. In addition, mechanical foot reflex zone massage in alternative medicine is regarded as one of the most effective methods of personal health care. Many complaints of physical, but also mental kind leave much to relieve through the foot reflexology with the mat. And a plethora of diseases that need to be treated with drugs, the foot reflexology massage is a complement of medical therapy. Customer contact: goFit team Street 126 b CH 7220 Schiers Tel.: 0041-71-917 2908 fax: + 43 (0) 5577-88 162 E-mail: Internet: press contact: digital media Herbert grave Schulberg 5 72124 Pliezhausen Tel.

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Spa Hotel Jagdhof

Wellness Hotel Jagdhof bring Caribbean in the Bavarian Forest with a landscape that could hardly be more romantic and charming, attracts many people in the region of the Bavarian Forest each year. But in 2010 the guest of the Bayer forest on a very special offer can look forward. After all, succeeded the Spa Hotel Jagdhof, to create a very special offer. Under the motto exclusive beauty days”of guests on a leisure break of special can look forward. This is similar to the extraordinary offer of a Symphony for body and mind.

During the package, guests must meet the new OASIS with the romantic cozy nests. In addition, the Bavarian Forest with its many different hiking trails offers diversity all along the line. But it succeeded in the Jagdhof bring the Caribbean in the traditional Bavarian Forest. With the cosmetic line Ligne ST. BARTH invite the exclusive beauty days to the very special beauty experience.

The pampering beauty characterized this primarily through the many exclusive products. The heavenly scents and the numerous exotic essences offer a perfect framing and a well-being feeling basis of a special kind. While the guests on relaxation of superlatives can look forward. The exclusive beauty days in the restaurant “Jagdhof” are without a doubt a treat, you should treat yourself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The new restaurant “Jagdhof” package includes three nights and the attractive hunting Hof luxury Board. The sauna – as well as the vitality area guests to use available. While the guests on six different saunas can look forward. A special highlight is of course with the outdoor sauna old mill”. The dance evenings with live music provide the perfect musical accompaniment and complete an exciting varied day. Daily guests of the fee can participate in the programme of the House. The comprehensive package both for your own body as well as its own include three treatments, Vacation line promise soul. In addition to the St ST. BARTH softness are among the treatments in the Jagdhof BARTH harmony and the dream application. The latter, an exotic beauty bath, that enchants the senses with Caribbean essences await the guests. At the St BARTH harmony can look forward, however, the guests a relaxing and at the same time pampering body massage, which ensures a very special pleasure with various co-ordinated products.

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National Institute

(Unofficially). With schools No problem. Universities, too, abound. The level of education is inferior to that in universities in the capital. Major Universities Sochi: Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation, Sochi Branch of the Russian University Peoples' Friendship, Sochi branch of the State Academy of spheres of life and services, Sochi branch of Modern Humanitarian Institute, the Black Sea for the Humanities. In addition, the city has a research Institutions: National Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops, Institute of Mountain Forestry and forest ecology, primatology and Research Institute of Spa. In some research institutes, as well as in universities have graduate programs. HEALTH AND SPORT IN SOCHI Up Sochi was recently Russia.

In view of the upcoming Olympic event in the country begins to be secured fame sports capital of Russia. In place of traditional Sochi sports (football, athletics, cycling, climbing, rafting, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, etc.) come new ones, such as figure skating, hockey, and in the near future and bobsleigh, curling. With regard to health. Saying 'there is no free health care' in fully acceptable for Sochi. So if you want to get quality health care, be prepared to pay the money. ECOLOGY Sochi Sochi on environmental issues especially zealously talked about in connection with construction of Olympic facilities and exclusion of some territories in the Sochi National Park. I myself an ecologist and I can truthfully say that this problem is of course important, but solvable, if initially properly treat the development of projects. A much more serious environmental threat to the environment and human health is transportation.

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