January, 2017

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Anesthesiologist – who you are “wicked devil” or “knight-protector”? The science and practice of anesthesiology (in the modern sense) more than fifty years. But the correct understanding of the specialty, its objectives, roles and place in preserving the lives and health of the vast segment of the population is missing. It is caused by low levels of general medical culture, the availability of reliable knowledge and perception of health preservation popular science level. Understanding the essence of the medical profession and looks at it in layman formed the flow of information media and the few, but bright and enduring articles “yellow” press. Deficit TV on medical topics are currently unavailable. But current and useful information about medicine, about the problems of disease prevention and health preservation, they give a little.

Non-identity are TV-bearing obviously distorted, and sometimes deliberately harmful information. Programs, covering general or specific questions anesthesiology and intensive care available scientific and popular language is not seen. Yes they are, in principle, and not needed if it were not for articles and stories in television on “doctors, or transmission Nedodaev anesthesia,” and thereby “killing” everybody – children, adults and old people. There are movie heroes doctors who kill the innocent by substituting medical gases in operating rooms, or even simpler – the injection of poisons.

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Heaven Interior

Psychologists say that the space surrounding a person is capable of sufficiently strong influence on his outlook, his attitude toward himself and the world around them, and even his physical well-being. The strongest influence on person has a homely atmosphere, as it is at home we relax, it was home we gain strength to continue the struggle for "a place under the sun" for further search of happiness. Therefore, it is an apartment situation affects on mental and physical health. But in order to effect a positive, should be taken seriously approach to the creation of harmony in the home interior. To date, there are many areas of interior design, based on which you can create at home as a harmonious and comfortable environment. One of the most famous designer lines now considered the feng shui – the science, philosophy of energy flow in space and how to help direct the energy in the interior of the right channel to us.

But feng shui is not the only option is to rely on that when you make a space in the apartment. For example, an increasingly popular option is the interior of a horoscope. This is understandable – many of us believe in the influence of stars on our lives, read horoscopes, and follow the advice of astrologers. Besides the fact that astrology can make predictions for any period, the science also gives a description of each zodiac sign, it opens up the strengths and weaknesses, says about the traits of his character, his preferences, and some benefits.

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