June, 2018

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PxC Salt

The Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia has given the reason to the department of Interior of the Catalan Autonomous Government and has confirmed the prohibition of the concentration. Interior did not authorize it before the risk of which the public order is altered seriously. They prohibit in Salt a manifestation against the construction of a mosque. The Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has given the reason to the department of Interior of the Catalan Autonomous Government and has confirmed east Friday the prohibition of the manifestation summoned for this Saturday by the xenophobe Platform Rep Catalonia (PxC) against the construction of a mosque in Salt (Girona). Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. According to sources near the case have informed, the TSJC has ratified the order that prohibits the manifestation, that Inner it did not authorize before the risk of which the public order is altered seriously. In the resolution of Interior now ratified, that was elaborated being based on the information of the Mossos d' Esquadra and of the Local Police of Salt, argues the prohibition of the call of the platform xenophobe because they are appraised " reasons fundamentadas" that they allow to anticipate that if the protest were celebrated they would produce " serious alteraciones" of the public order. The call of Platform Rep Catalonia (PxC), which had shown to their rejection several independentistas groups of immigrants and groups and antisystem, was summoned for morning Saturday, 27 of August, to the 18,00 hours, to protest by the construction of a mosque in the polygon of Torremirona de Salt. Source of the news: The TSJC also prohibits the manifestation against the mosque of Salt summoned by PxC.

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Effects Of Smoking On Health

The life expectancy of a smoker increases while earliest quit smoking, there are studies in which it is evident that if you stop smoking before the age of 40 would increase to 9 years, while if you stop smoking before the age of 60 would increase to 3 years. It was also found in recent investigations on tobacco, by a physician Regina Benjamin in the United States.UU. that only exposure to cigarette smoke causes damage immediately to the cells, inflaming the tissue so that it can lead to serious illness and death. Also reported that each exposure to tobacco, whether occasional smoking or passive smoking, can damage DNA and cause cancer. About 40 million Americans smoke (20% of adults and older adolescents). Tobacco kills more than 443.000 per year, says the 700-page report, written with the help of 64 experts. Tobacco is the main risk factor for cancer, 90% of lung cancers they are caused by tobacco and 50% of bladder cancers.

80% Of heart attack victims under the age of 45 are smokers. Young smokers have a decreased lung capacity and a higher incidence of respiratory infections. Between 80,000 and 100,000 young people around the world become addicted to tobacco every day. The costs of smoking in the country more than 193 billion dollars per year in medical care and lost productivity costs. According to this research the cigarettes are so addictive because they are designed to deliver nicotine more quickly and more efficiently than cigarettes for decades ago. Just a cigarette contains chemical compounds that come direct to the blood and go throughout the body making it prone to develop innumerable diseases. Persistence in the consumption occurs because the smoker develops a physical and psychological dependency.

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, then after a brief period of consumption, the body is It adapts to the substance and requires increasingly higher doses. On the other hand, the psychological dependence is given by several factors: smoking is associated with a pleasurable feeling caused by the physical effects of the substances. Furthermore, as any other repeated behavior, conduct automated and the Act becomes part of everyday life. Smokers should be aware and decide to quit, for it could lean on ways to persuade stress (exercise, relaxation techniques) also there are natural products such as Dr.Relax-Pro.Tambien Antioxiblend-Pro could help smokers reduce the free radicals that damage cells.

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