August, 2018

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Advances In Psychiatry

BRIAN WEISS and the world of the psychiatry is possible that the name of Dr. Brian Weiss is not recognized by many people that they have not read her books, or have attended some of their seminars, while he is already famous throughout the world.-Dr. Weiss has extraordinary credentials.-I graduated from Columbia University and his studies in medicine at Yale University. He was head of the psychiatry department of the Yale School of medicine, and is currently Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry of the Hospital Mount Sinai of Miami, Florida. He has also written several books as many lives, many masters, – bonds of love – A through of, time – Manual of the Messiah,-.

Many bodies a same soul – the messages of the wise – and many more. His discoveries in the world of Psychiatry have made progress this field in such an extraordinary way, that it is very possible to be nominated for Novel of science for next year.-psychiatric problems or mental can be as serious or worse than physical illness. Many miscalculations go unnoticed by many people, who can not or do not know understand what ails them-depression, anxiety, impaired bi-polares, the same schizophrenia, and many other mental health problems, can destroy a person and take them even to the suicide.-up to now, most of these problems have been treated by psychiatrists with medicines-Dr. Weiss has saved and helped thousands of their patients with a new system called REGRESSIONS.-, which is not more than the healing power through the regression of patients to previous lives. Read additional details here: Professor Roy Taylor. This is achieved through hypnotism. For Dr. Weis, the life of a human being, does not end with death-death is only the passage of the soul to future lives, just as we’ve all had hundreds of lives before birth.-what we do in our lives, – influence our future reincarnations, – along the path of evolution towards immortality.

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