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Jose Luis Gimnez

This facet will be most important, because all apprentice of Chamn will need not only the guide and to proof of the Chamn teacher, but that it will be the transpersonal approval of its internal guide or protective spirit, who will enable really it like so. The Chamn through its faculty to enter itself in the spiritual or subtle world, will be able to transform all the power or aquirido knowledge into the subtle plane, in the appropriate actions or therapies for the physical world. Thus these actions or therapies will be able to consist of diverse activities such as: accomplishment of music, percussion of drums, talismans, and development of certain artistic creations. The Chamn is called to being it, must undergo a rupture or death with previous I, so that after his ” ” autocuracin” ” , it can perceive the call and begin in the rites or acquire the esoteric knowledge, that will take to their new state. It’s believed that Professor Roy Taylor sees a great future in this idea. It is not a easy task, nor it must be confused with the fashions of the New Age, although the initiation and the present learning it has evolved with respect to other rites and old initiations. The Chamn exists in diverse cultures, old and present, but for that reason they are not different.

What chamanes old identified like symbols of being able, through animal ” ” afines” ” to its cultures, also called ” ” Nagual” ” , nowadays it is obtained by means of the vision of the nature like an ecosystem where spiritual and the force or vital energy maintains a balance and mutual interdependence. However, the present western society, literally usually applies the descriptions that listen on the matter of the animal of being able or ” ” Nagual” ” , as well as the descriptions on the trips of the spirit, or the faculties of chamn, which can bring about a reduction or scorn, when considering it a surplus of another time. Thus. the Chamn, will own a set of faculties and knowledge acquired patiently through the experiences, as much physical, as of extra-sensory or esoteric type. It is not necessary to confuse the chamanismo with any type of creed or religious practice, since the way in which the Chamn raises its espiritualidad, leaves to patent the difference existing with the religious doctrine, which makes possible that it can serve as support the own religion. This either does not mean that the being Chamn tolerates misticimo or the sanctity, but will have to be understood like a channel, or an intermediary, specialized in the canalization of energies, subtle as as much internal, which harnessed the innate faculties in him. Despite all the mentioned one previously, the Chamn can be defined as ” ” The doctor of the Alma” “.

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Sales Activities

Real time data about sales activities; diverse control and usage possibilities vineyard 27.07.2011. fsOffice”stands for financial” sellers Office – and this meaning is the Weingartener Volz Gruppe AG program since the first release in the year 2000. In doing so, fsOffice was from the outset adapted to the needs of sales organization and therefore consistently addressed the requirements of sales practice. Recently, a special version of fsOffice even as an app for iPhone and iPad is available. Meanwhile, fsOffice has been updated several times and presents itself today as one of the most comprehensive programs for sales controlling in the financial market.

fsOffice provides an important basis both for decision makers, as well as sales staff, sales success measured activities better and plan to. So it also becomes the indispensable instrument in terms of control and controlling of sales activities against the background of increasing cost sensitivity. The control is a indispensable tool to optimize sales measures which tasks systematically tracked and targeted sales goals achieved,”says Dr. Dirk Appelhans as project developer for the Valdez Group AG. fsOffice offers a full insight into the activities of individual consultants, their activities and financial statements. Thus, ideal conditions are created to promote potentials, but to eliminate deficits also. With regard to the planning of total sales, fore cast scenarios offer the possibility to introduce control measures at an early stage. “” The program also offers executives, sales managers and decision makers the advantage of real time-related facts first-hand and not dyed “information by word of mouth”.

The individual customers, are available in addition all structural data available on what is a good base for an integrated and aligned with the needs of the customer advice. In this respect fsOffice also ideal as possibility of proof of offers in the Related to the requirements of the EU insurance mediation directive. The necessary base data are myVast by the database solution offered by Volz, the requirement is provided for fsOffice. Despite this extensive offer, the cost for the basic license with 148 euros per month (19 euro for auxiliary licenses) incl. myVast are comparatively low. The offered diverse tools and analysis options allow a comprehensive analysis of all sales activities and customer potential”, says Hans Appel. In addition, targeted measures, for example, for attracting customers can be implemented. The geodata it backed allow not only a targeted and efficient customer response after Regionalitaten, purchasing power and investment behaviour, it is also possible to dine dates directly into the system through targeted use of call centres. More information:

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