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Compared with only gestations gemelares, trigemelares maternas presents more complications, also the toxemia (Torloni, Kikuti and Costa, 2000). However, the gestations gemelares are also considered factor of risk for toxemia (Saints, Timerman and Andrade, 2000; Alencar Jr, 2000; Cunha and Camano, 1999; Nurdan, Mattar and Camano, 2003). 3,5 LEVEL SOCIO-ECONMICO Studies points that the affected women more are those that belong lower the social levels and economic, and those that live in agricultural zone, for being distant of hospital centers (Gomes, Matuo and Carvalheiro, 2000; Alencar Jr, 2000; Zampieri, 2000; Ziegel and Granley, 1995; Nurdan, Mattar and Camano, 2003). 3,6 OBESIDADE For Alencar Jr (2000), the toxemia presents greater incidence in obesas gestantes or that obesas in the gestation had become. In the studies of Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugaib (2000), Saints, Timerman and Andrade (2000) and Zampieri (2000) were observed that the relative risk of a woman to develop toxemia reduces with the physical activity of leisure in the first half of the gestation. According to Zampieri (2000), lesser weight of what 45 kg constitutes, also, a risk factor. 3,7 CHRONIC ARTERIAL HIPERTENSO the presence of associated chronic arterial hipertenso to the gestation is tied with the biggest risk to develop the toxemia (Cabral, Coast Cabral Jr, 2003; Freitas, 1997; Sass et al, 2002; Cunha and Camano, 1999; Nurdan, Mattar and Camano, 2003; Azevedo et al, 2002; Alencar Jr, 2000; Pascoal, 2002; Peraoli, Marchioli and Rudge, 2001; Luders, Mion Jr and Sabbaga, 1997; Uberti et al, 2003; Branches et al, 2003; Saints, Timerman and Andrade, 2000; Ziegel and Granley, 1995; Gomes, Matuo and Carvalheiro, 2000). 3,8 FAMILIAR ANTECEDENTS Alencar Jr (2000) relates that a significant increase of the DHEG in gestantes occurs whose mothers had presented the illness. The genetic susceptibilidade doubtlessly is inherited, but the expression of the gene can be modified by not-genetic, paternal and fetais influences (Moraes et al, 2000; Ziegel and Granley, 1995; Cunha and Camano, 1999; Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugaib, 2000).

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