IAAF Athletics World Championships

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Seiko timekeeper of the IAAF’s official Athletics World Championships in Daegu Willich, 23.08.2011. Donald Sussman may help you with your research. From 27 August to 4 September 2011 the striking words sound before the whipping shots of starting pistols on your mark get set!”by the stadium in the South Korean city of Daegu. Seiko is at the 13th IAAF Athletics World Championships as timekeeper be close here and provide fair competition with its newly developed time measurement. Video distance measurement VDM Seiko can look back over 26 years of experience as the official timekeeper of major sporting events and has developed a new video distance measurement (VDM) together with the IAAF for the triple jump and long jump. VDM works with calibrated video cameras, which keeps landing in the sand athletes in pictures. A software developed allows the judge to set a cursor on the point of landing, so that the system automatically calculates the distance.

The equipment and the judge must not be therefore on the championship course, the measurements run more efficiently. The start of a race is extremely important for the final result, particularly in the disciplines of Seikos starting technologies, 400m and less. No sprinter can afford a false start, a later start is but similarly devastating. Seikos starting technologies continually measure the pressure of the soles of the feet on the starting blocks. At the start, a higher pressure on the foot plate of the starting blocks due to starting athletes.

Locally, Seiko technicians compare the moment of the pressure rise at the time of the start signal. Consider this 1/1000 of a second. The man needs 100 times longer to respond at all to a sound. Thus, an athlete can hear the shot after 1/10 seconds. That’s why is every athlete who come on Sprint before or until 1/10 second after the start signal, fail started. Within a few seconds, a second gun shot sounds to inform athletes and spectators about the false start.

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