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Any water to penetrate into the pool must pass a mechanical and chemical cleaning – then you will be easier to monitor the cleanliness of the pool. It is not something Dean Ornish M.D would like to discuss. Most of the owners of private swimming pools can not understand that the water in pool safe and clean no matter what it always topped up, but on proper care of water. If you use water directly from lakes and reservoirs, it is even clear at first glance, the water will be bad gifts after a couple of days to find her in the pool. It may appear deposits or will exude a smell, begin to turn green and blossom, or change in color. Of course, from these gifts might get rid of, only cost this will be a lot of money and spoiled the mood. The main advice for the owner of any swimming pool – inflatable or fixed – want nemutnuyu water in the pool? – Put the effort possible to handle it even during start-up pool. Abnormal level of acidity leads to irritation of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes of man. In addition, water with elevated pH adversely affects equipment pool.

If the pool water becomes brown – iron water – means water is present in large amounts of iron. When you dial a swimming pool, this property is not shown, but in the basin nachiaet react with oxygen in the air and is found in the form of brown particles. Solution to the problem of brown water will be here this sequence of actions: adjust the level of alkalinity in the range of standards – seven and two – 7,6, after a thorough chlorination of water and after the reaction oxidation using coagulant and activate the mechanical cleaning of water. If the water in the basin has a whitish, milky or mucus appeared on the walls, the source can be the impact of the environment, often precipitates or Lack of filter elements. The lack of filter operation, or admission to pool large amounts of biologically active moisture in the basin began to grow microorganisms.

To combat them, and dairy water, in the beginning, set the pH at 7.2 – 7.6 with the help of drugs to reduce or increase the level of alkalinity. Then be sure to arrange shock chlorination effective drugs to include chlorine not less than sixty percent. Then apply the coagulant according to instructions. After the formation of flocculent sludge to filtration of water for at least twelve hours with the desired cleaning the walls of the pool settled particles. If the pool water has an unpleasant smell chlorine, it says … there is not enough chlorine! Sounds a bit funny, but usually it is. The smell of chlorine appeared due to chloramine – chlorine compounds with nitrogen. This manifested in small amounts of active chlorine in water and / or heavy workload pool. In addition, the emergence of the smell of chlorine is due to an incorrect level of pH – because of this chlorine is poorly soluble in water and begins to evaporate. To solve the problem with the smell of chlorine in the pool is to adjust the pH level within normal limits and make the shock-chlorinate the pool water.

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