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* Interactivity interactivity is fundamental to the success of a website. The feeling should be avoided reading newspaper which can cause a visitor a Web passive and linear. Moreover interactivity can benefit who publishes the Web since through forms you can learn more about the profiles of those who pass through the pages. Stages of a Web design * analysis in the stage of analysis the developer should get involved with the organization in which you work and accurately determine the objectives to achieve through the Web site. This stage may require interviews and reviews of websites above and/or related to the topic. The work team is formed according to needs and available resources and determines the strategy to be followed.

* The second stage design is the design. Once the analysis is complete, you create the skeleton of the site, i.e. the main structure that will make up, yet without the content in detail. It is a general schema. This stage also creates Guide, which should be designed taking into account the potential customers and styles which will contain the indications as regards language, vocabulary, typography, colors, etc., that will be used throughout the entire website.

Once these standards have been fixed, all the development team must use them in the same way. * Development as third step, once made the previous stages, proceeds to the development of the content of the Web site, which fills the structure, which will be a kind of skeleton of the Web site. Thus, to follow to the letter the styles Guide, a homogeneous and easy to modify or update structure is obtained. Evaluation in any work is indispensable to perform an assessment, before giving it to know. The form, content, presentation, spelling, wording, etc. of the site will be reviewed at this stage. It is suggested that this review be made by anyone other than writers, in a format similar to the distribution, in order to avoid any errors or oversights. * Implementation finally, once it has been determined that the Web site meets the needs and requirements of your organization, your deployment can be organized. Also, all Web site requires revisions and systematic adjustments, by which a strategy must be defined to keep the website up-to-date.

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