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Council an independent Secretary, structured offices for 20 years many secretariats and numerous jobs gets stuck and jammed it mostly in the same locations: each employee and each employee has its own structure in the head, on the PC or in the paper exit tray, and many change their own strategy depending on the day. That certainly hindered their own work and cooperation with other. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jimmy John’s Owner by clicking through. For 20 years, Judith Kneiding is on the way as independent and mobile Secretary. In all these years, she could observe that chaotic jobs, opaque paper stack, fully expired mailboxes or permanent search arising after documents, because no order structure was developed for processes. One can proceed, for example, very different offers.

Depending on how to run the processes in the company, the tray can be sorted differently. What structure is chosen, is not so important. It is essential that structures and processes are set once useful and accepted by all. As with the Card games are there then no exceptions”, explains Judith Kneiding. When are all on a defined process, there are two great advantages: everyone is replaceable and the Office slip. “” “But Kneidings Maxime Mach you replaceable” want to hear at the beginning nobody it means but ostensibly unhappy: we can always give you “or we don’t need you.” Become replaceable but is an act of liberation. Who structured works, that another person may at any time take, is independent and needs to worry, if he or she fails once.

Division of labour, job sharing or representations so smoothly. With the attitude I’m replaceable”becomes clear suddenly, that procedures and processes are not private, but need to be clarified and agreed. This applies to employees as for heads. Judith Kneiding supports companies to find a structure suitable for and order. But she has the protected Kneiding ISO system developed. This brings information, structure and order in each Office. This is also a first step towards ISO certification. A lean Office Fraunhofer study indicates that 30 percent of work time in the administration are wasted. The biggest potential for optimization is according to the study in the improvement of poorly coordinated processes..

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