Stone Age Diet

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Increasingly more people are realizing that our ancestors had a healthy diet without eating dairy products or grains and are turning to the diet of the stone age… How Comian our ancestors in the Paleolitic era, everyone had to hunting animals and gathering plants to feed themselves and their families. Before the last 10,000 years, nobody was planting food and raising farm animals. Milk and dairy products were consumed only by children who were breast-feeding. The average diet of people in the palaeolithic age contained many more proteins than the diet of people in the Western world these days. They ate much like two times more food based on proteins of what we eat today. That is something that must be taken into account considering that the food pyramid is based on grains, which constitute a large part of our daily diet. The difference can be in that they hunted wild prey, which had very little fat, which means that they obtained more meat protein.

Similarly, the people of the stone age, if they lived near water, consuming enough fish and seafood such as oysters, mussels and prawns. These foods also have very little fat. Era Paleolitic, ate lots of fruits and vegetables, particularly tubers. If you decide to use the stone age diet to lose weight, you must eat few or no food with high content of sugar, no food dairy (although there was some concern about not to get enough calcium if you don’t occasionally eat low-fat dairy products), no grain or potatoes, nor beans, soy beans or lentils. This means that you’ll be consuming a diet high in protein, moderate amounts of fats and carbohydrates, and with a high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Is this diet the answer to it? This depends on. In comparison, it is more expensive to buy meat of lean hunting than beef you can get at any grocery store. The diet of the age of Stone may be healthy, but today would not work for the population of the world. However, some people in Western cultures would be in better health if they were to follow this diet.

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