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EpsteinBarr Virus

Are you already 40 years old ground and trigger of many diseases? Then, you probably belong to the 98 percent of the people who are infected with the Epstein-Barr virus. We are often infected virus in childhood with the EB by a droplet or contact infection. This is now not necessarily a reason down right to run the computer and to run to the doctor. Usually persists the EB virus life on imKorper? This means nothing, as the Epstein-Barr virus only some few, is not productive of new pathogens. Such an infection can even lead to the immunity against the pathogen. Not develop signs of disease. That but quite a harmless virus is not other figures show.

Who as a teenager or an adult with the EB virus infected one is probably 30-60 per cent of the Pfeifferischen glandular fever to fall ill. Is an immune suppression, which allows the virus to multiply, undisturbed in the run-up to increases the likelihood of one of many different Cancers developing. Recent research which could prove that the Eppstein Barr virus associated with various autoimmune diseases is available (for example, multiple sclerosis) is equally frightening. Evidence of infection (acute or not acute) is at the this virus but not quite easy. While there are rapid tests, which have a high error rate (20% false positives and 30% false negative).

Better laboratories have now clearly this virus with a direct test. Should there actually be the EBV outbreak, it is a little difficult for the needy patients. As previously mentioned, the problem of correct diagnosis arises first once. Occur as symptoms of konnenMudigkeit and fatigue, anxiety, sleep disorders, and mild fever. “The right diagnosis should be done and a chronic EBV infection has been confirmed, is the thorny way” of the patient but still not to long end. Because today’s conventional medicine of Eppstein Barr virus can although the symptoms disease handle, which may vary from the real evil, the virus itself, in the patients but do not wrap at the root. Here, it is advisable to rely on natural remedies. Special therapies, are disease (chronic) tailored to the EBV virus and nutrition transition strengths of the body’s defenses and can help the virus to defeat. But also here it applies in advance when physicians diagnose themselves and claim advice.

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Hippocrates Weeds

Take, for example, such familiar dandelion. In our country, its about 208 species. The most famous – is dandelion. It contains choline, aspargin, saponins, carotenoids, organic acids, vitamins and other nutrients. In many countries, this weed is cultivated (such as specially grown in France).

Dandelion is rich in trace elements: iron, phosphorus and calcium. Leaves, buds, roots – irreplaceable additive to your normal diet. Dandelion leaves slightly gorchat, but this should take it easy (same bitter lemon) – give the bitterness of dandelion glycosides, substances that are useful for the organism. We recommend its use for cooking pohlebok. Leaves and yellow blossoms (to release the middle of the green leafy rim) – rinse.

Next, finely chop and use as a seasoning in cooked dishes. On nettles written entire volumes. Laudatory words devote Hippocrates, Avicenna, and in our days by Academician aa Pokrovsky, Professor K. S. Petrovsky. Back in the old Slavs used nettles, and its seeds for making bread. Why is this weed that accompanies a person anywhere where once he settles down, draws the attention of scientists? First, the nettle is unique in content useful for the organism of substances – vitamins, tannins, minerals, coarse fibers. It appears in early spring plate of fresh, untouched. Here are some recommendations for the use of nettles in the diet. Better to cut the nettles with gloves: 10 – 20 minutes after it is cut, it can take your hands (it does not sting). Nettles thoroughly washed and finely chopped with leaves and stems. This mixture is irreplaceable as a seasoning to any dish.

Early spring in the garden on the plot sea of greenery, flowers, vegetables and fruits. And around inconspicuous weeds: Plantago, quinoa, cow parsnip, goutweed and others. It is they who have saved many years ago from starvation, millions of people. Burdock, borage herb, rape, chicory and other common weeds – a free, useful supplement to the table. Why do the weeds were outcasts in our diet? Plantago major. Plantain leaves contain mucus, bitter substance, carotene, vitamins C and K. A lot in plantain tannins, fiber, protopectin. Plantain is indispensable for cooking salads (washed leaves, finely chopped and mixed with sour cream). It can be used as a lining for sandwiches: the washed plantain leaf spread a thin layer of cream and garnish with a slice of beet or berry. Who has not noticed on wasteland, wastelands, the abandoned areas swans? Her golden spikes and elastic proudly rustling in the wind. Peasants baked bread with the addition of quinoa. Her pot (dried, salted). Quinoa was irreplaceable early spring when other plants can not be used as food. Peasants have long noticed that the lush weeds appears when not freak rye. Quinoa contains many vitamins (especially vitamin C), it has fitotsidnym powerful effect. Quinoa can be used from early spring until late autumn. Here’s one recommendation. Quinoa go, wash, chop and mix with jam, marmalade. In such a mixture is recommended to add the lemon acid and serve with tea. Edible wild plants, leaves, root vegetables combine well with any food, especially dairy.

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Max Mosher

The power of color is The power of color (in order of attenuation): yellow, orange, then – red and green (which have the same force and therefore – color blind – are indistinguishable); blue and purple colors have very little impact (the night is dark blue, shadow-black – violet). Many doctors – naturopaths use art of color therapy to find out which organs or parts of your body healthy, and what should be treated. In the diagnostic and therapeutic psychology of a so-called “color test” Swiss psychologist Max Mosher, which shows the state of mind, the degree of emotional comfort man. The combination of color tones and hues, saturation, color purity – everything is important for the mental state of a person. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. John Mcdougall. Colors can create or remove a cheerful or a lyrical mood, be mild or sharp, sharp.

At the same time, they do not depend on time of year, season and day. Dean Ornish M.D helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It is believed that the force (power), which operates the color appears in the its intensity, and saturation. Color and subconscious. The thing that people unconsciously use colors that reflect their inner state. Colors can detect mood, which currently manages man. In life, people of color play a much bigger role than we are accustomed to thinking, in particular, they can create good or bad mood. Children, for example, often react to this or that color is quite definitely, and it may express. For example: Once, at a reception, I invited the boy to draw fire, using shades of red. The child responded this way: “I’m hot, I want to swim.” Thus, the attempt to portray the fire led to the fact that child felt hot, although the room temperature has not changed. Playing with color can be seen only the segment, constituting about 40% of the spectrum. It is located between the invisible ultraviolet and infrared portions. Since red in the spectrum close to invisible infra-red, bearing the heat, it’s clear that he is feeling the heat. There are untold opportunities for mutual influence of mental state and color. Our subconscious ‘Knows itself’ what.

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The Dilemma Of Diet Soda

Diet and exercise – this is the most common phrase in conversations on the topic of obesity and weight reduction. In the end, everyone understands that the recipe for health is simple: eat right and move more, but everything is so simple? Millions of people who have used this simple recipe and have made only modest results can tell a lot about the fact that there is something more than simple arithmetic is consumed and calories burned. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic endocrinologist James A. Levine found a third party of this simple-looking process. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. understands that this is vital information. And it was even more important than diet and exercise together. We are talking about levels of weight control. Levin called this system the active thermogenesis without exercise (ACBU), or in English – non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). neat – is, in fact, the energy that is consumed in our daily lives: in the process of cleaning, gardening, cooking, and just when we are not sitting idle.

Levine has done research with "calibrated" foods, high-tech clothes (which could take into account the heat loss a man with a sly e-filling) and guinea honest, are not cheated with the supplements. Levin found that neat makes a significant contribution to the individual amount expended by the body energy. For the vast majority of Americans base energy rate (ER) are usually very low due to low activity. In the heat of the product (TEP) on the fact "is" usually 10-15% of the er, and varies this value just by neat. For people leading a sedentary lifestyle, neat is no more than 15%. Person, leading an active life, capable of converting into heat up to 50% of the tic.

In other words, enforced activity (jogging, swimming, cycling) is not as significant impact on overall levels of energy consumption. Levin's research shows that people with overweight are spending much less energy than people of normal weight. This means that for the same exercise bike should spend more time in order to achieve equally visible effects than their lean counterparts. In general, hard to lose weight only at the beginning. Then the effect will appear faster and faster, the main thing – perseverance and motivation to be healthy and beautiful.

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Japanese Bed

It is estimated that the average double bed to two million. They do not bring harm, although some people have these mites emit up to 20 microscopic dots in the night and cause allergies. One Japanese firm began producing a vacuum cleaner that not only collects the dust, along with mites, but also heats the dust collected by killing the mites. This, according to the inventors, to prevent mites from settling back on the bag apartment. Without a vacuum cleaner, Penny Moser decided not to pay any attention and pretend to not know about them as did not know before the visit to the laboratory. "On this night, as always, my husband, cat and two million mites cozy slept in his bed. " The fact that some people have house dust can cause allergic reactions long time, but only about twenty years ago it became known that allergy is caused not by dust, and living in her microscopic mites, 70-80% of them – bed pliers. To combat these mites should be aired more often, iron, or heat the bed linens, pillows, mattresses, blankets – these arthropods are afraid and cold and heat, say the temperature + 40 C kills them in two days, and higher much faster. They fear and direct sunlight, and ultraviolet radiation not only kills the mites, but also decomposes in two hours contained in them and their feces species of mite is an additional source of food). Although bed mites do not diverge far from its habitat in the heavily contaminated apartment is desirable to wash the floor 10-20% solution of sodium chloride.

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Cholesterol Health

Functions of Cholesterol: Cholesterol is essential to life for its many functions: Structure: cholesterol is a major component of plasma membranes of animals (not present in the vegetables). Although cholesterol is found in small amounts in cell membranes in the cytoplasmic membrane are in a 1:1 molar ratio relative to phospholipids, regulating their physicochemical properties, particularly fluidity. However, cholesterol is found in very low proportion or are virtually absent in subcellular membranes. Precursor of vitamin D is encial in calcium metabolism. Precursor of the sex hormones progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Corticoesteroidales precursor hormones: cortisol and aldosterone. Precursor of bile salts: the absorption of essential nutrients and lipid main route for excretion of body cholesterol.

Precursor of lipid rafts. What is it and how much control the excess cholesterol blood cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), such as obesity, lack of exercise, high blood pressure and snuff, facilitate suffering from severe circulatory diseases. If several of these factors add up in one person, predisposition to disease is triggered above is much higher. should take into account these other “risk factors” Although today the word ‘cholesterol’ is full of negative connotations associated with a poor diet and obesity cardiovasulares problems, in reality it is a necessary element for our body. The important thing is to know what it is, how it works and when it is injurious to health.

Cholesterol is not nothing but a type of fat, a lipid specifically involved in many important physiological processes such as cellular, digestive and synthesizing hormones, among other functions. Our liver is capable of producing the cholesterol necessary for the body. However, through food, we receive an additional quantity of this substance which, in many instances, is detrimental to health, especially for the heart. The origin of the increase in blood is derived mainly from the increase of the unsaturated fats in the diet, from foods with fat. What should I eat if I have high cholesterol in these cases, once the doctor detects an excess of this substance in the blood, usually puts the patient on a restrictive diet with fat intake. Experts recommend not only make life less sedentary, but to improve the diet with increased consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients, fiber and fat free. Also, eating more foods with unsaturated fats such as fish, skinless chicken-and-vegetable oils such as olive and seed (corn, sunflower). They should not miss high-fiber whole grains and cereals, rice, beans and pasta. It usually suppress all foods with saturated fats: red meat, pork, lamb, cold cuts, cheese and butter fat. Products with excess sugars and calories are also deleted (chocolate, pastries, sauces, pates), and those that are direct sources of cholesterol, egg yolk, some offal and shellfish. Excess salt and spices also should be avoided. And with it, preserved and prepared to abuse these seasonings. Although not removed from the diet, we recommend moderate consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks and milk (preferably skimmed use only). We must also get used to drink lots of water throughout the day and needed in food and chew slowly and salivate well. Regardless of diet, smoking or drinking alcohol are two other harmful habits that we must eradicate from our lives if we do not want to have cardiorespiratory problems. All the information we provide is general in nature, remember that this information alone can not replace the health care or human services you may need. Only provide a service and reference information, please consult your health care professional who treats you about any concerns you have about your own health.

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Ingesting Calories

Not to ingest more calories than your body is saying to you that it needs. Advice # 3: Common sense It only has sense to eat grapefruit? Or to eat only proteins, flood of rich fat foods? Or to stop eating carbohydrates all together ones, that fruit includes? (When it was that the fruit convirtio in the bad boy) Therefore, it uses your common sense. It eats foods that esten full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The foods like the chicken without fat, thin meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains whole numbers. These are the foods that form the base of your guide of nutrition. Not a last trick that promises that you are going to lose weight without eating the foods that are good for you. Advice # 4: Principle 80/20 Of all the fast advice to lower of weight, this is my favorite. Mainly because 20% of the times, I can eat my meals tricks.

Basically principle 80/20 is that 80% of the time you must eat healthful foods, that are good for you. And, 20% of the times are gotten to eat what you want. Generally, a day of the week. Therefore, the 6 days of the week, concentrate in healthy foods, without processing, that they are essential for a healthy life. These foods are mainly throughout the perimeter of the grocer’s. Saltate the scrap iron like chipses, cakes, ice creams and candies. In the 7 day, eats a pizza, alites of chicken and chipses.

This allows the satisfaction you of not sentirte prevailed. Also it gives something you that we hoped with interest. You have less probabilities of to stop eating healthy since you arrive at day one with happiness. Advice # 5: To drink water The water plays an essential part in your efforts to lose weight. If you have 1% of dehydration at least, this can affect the speed of your metabolism. Therefore, the objective is to take half from your corporal weight in milliliters of water. If weights 150 pounds, drink 75 milliliters of water to the day. In addition, if you want asegurarte of not eating in excess during the meals, it drinks a water glass just before. This will help sentirte full. We hope that these fast advice to lower of weight you of the results that they gave me. As now healthier that never. When I am my of tricks, in fact yearning to eat salad on the following day. He is peculiar how the things work thus. Suscribete to the bulletin of the news frees in which obtendras instantaneous access to exclusive advice on the loss of fat, Visit. As To lower easily of weight.

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Normal Lives

The reason that the stomach dilates out is not in the fat or the lack of abs, but is in poor digestion of food we eat, causing internal swelling of the intestines. The intestines are swollen belly pushing out. Method Superthon I have lived the same story that many people, I was the typical skinny child who, over the years, and without realizing it, I gained weight until, without realizing it, I got down to 103 pounds is clear that young people relatively poorly can eat without suffering the consequences, since, among which are growing and we fired hormones and sport we do, we can compensate poor.Pero is also equally clear that, after a certain age, or fatten and eat well or suffer all sorts of health problems. You probably know what I mean. But not just about being thin and having a good figure, we also spoke of improving our health and have more energy. Know it or not, many problems are common due to poor nutrition: gas, heartburn, drowsiness, constipation, acne, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, swelling, obesity, stroke, hypertension, cholesterol, uric acid.

We take drugs to alleviate these symptoms, even without worrying about the causes that produce them. These problems have become so common that we have come to accept as “normal.” But as much as we are accustomed to them, is not “normal” to have his belly, is not normal to have gas, it is not normal to be constipated, or have heart problems, cholesterol, uric acid, sugar, hypertension, diabetes or suffer from heart at age 50, if not sooner. It is to be sick, lacking energy or fat, is not normal. Should be the exception but the rule. What we do every day with our bodies and what we put into it is crucial to our health and our appearance.

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Epilepsy Celiac Disease

People with celiac disease, that have an increased intestinal permeability and tolerate no wheat gluten, with a certain probability can also suffer from schizophrenia. In 1920, the American doctor Russell M. Wilder developed a form of therapy for epilepsy sick children who put on a balanced protein intake. High-fat and at the same time reduces carbohydrate. The goal was to accelerate fast metabolism, which attributed to the positive effects of fasting. The ketogenic diet was in treating as positive. This was a resounding success. The young patients, where the seizure frequency drastically reduced, ensured that the ketogenic diet has gained in prominence.

Some symptoms of intolerance such as anxiety, epilepsy, depression, hyperactivity and schizophrenic phases have to do with the function of the brain. Some nutritionists found that the symptoms of schizophrenia to subside a little if the patients receive a diet without grains and milk. People with celiac disease, a have increased intestinal permeability and no wheat gluten intolerance can have with a certain probability schizophrenia. On a population group showed in the Pacific Studies, that schizophrenia only prevailed in these groups when they consumed wheat, barley beer and rice (Dohan 1984). When the carbohydrate (low carb) diet to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.

For example, foods contain, which are baked with flour sugar, potatoes and rice (bread, pizza, pasta, cake), lots of carbohydrates. The so called ketone bodies could be the reason for the positive effects of this diet, which makes the liver during the ketosis as an energy carrier.

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Fresh Water Nanofilters

Our country possesses huge reserves of fresh water, it pleases. But thrifty attitude to water we do not know. This is raw sewage flowing into the intakes of water supply systems, and washing the car in the nearest lake or stream. Of course on the 'maybe' this attitude will not work and now we go to shop for fresh water. Market of bottled water at all a separate issue.

Reading the labels on bytylyah, we notice that it's probably water from municipal water supplies. Well if the water additionally clean the filter, and more often, and this money is not spent, and how many fakes? Statistics says about 80%! Of course you can buy an inexpensive home filter for $ 20, which judging by the advertising purifies water as well as models for $ 600. Naturally, many can not afford these costs and are constantly exposed to the organism at risk. Naturally the disease will manifest through the decades and quality of water we do not assign. Due to the development of nanotechnology in the world, and particularly in our country, we have the opportunity to have affordable water treatment system.

Now nanofilters can afford each family. These filters to purify water in the tens or hundreds of times better than advertised technology. Only this technology can purify even the hot water up to the sky-blue color, because we have completely forgotten the natural color of water. And all it is only a small part of what can nanofilters

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