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Classification of discharge lamps and the major areas of their application. Gas-discharge light source or a discharge lamp is called the electric lamp in which light is produced by the electric discharge in a gas and (Or) metal vapor. The principle of the device used and type of discharge. The vast majority of gazogazorazryadnyh tubes are transparent to optical radiation flask cylindrical, spherical or other shapes. A flask is hermetically soldered two main electrodes, between which a discharge occurs. Sometimes the plugs are soldered to facilitate additional electrodes. The interior space flask after removing the air and thorough bake-out lamps (removal of adsorbed material in the bulb and the electrodes of the water vapor and other gases by heating under evacuation) is filled with a specific gas (usually inert) to a different pressure or inert gas and a small amount of metal with a high vapor pressure, such as mercury, sodium, etc.

Since the mid 60's lamps are widely used, but in which an inert gas and mercury enter the special emitting additives, which are mostly various metal halides. There is a category discharge lamps with electrodes, operating in an open atmosphere in which the discharge occurs in air and vapor material of electrodes. This carbon arc. In this type of lamp is consumed during the electrode material. In special types of lamps lit in the flowing discharge gas. There are also lamps, which use high-frequency electrodeless discharge. They are a sealed flask without electrodes, containing the necessary gases or vapors.

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But if you have in the country will be a real oven-barbecue with their hands, pile of, and perhaps even with a convenient countertop and sink, the hands will do being asked to prepare some exquisite delicacy, again and again, delighting its guests with grilled, steamed, smoked or dried foods. And to build such a miracle can bake their own hands and with some material costs. The first step is to determine the place where it will be an improvised kitchen. Choose the barbecue area in such a way as to keep it close to the recreation area and the house itself. So you will be comfortable communicate with friends, not looking up from cooking. Excellent, if above the stove, barbecue is a roof or canopy, in which case you can not prevent nepogoda.Dlya building you will need about 200-250 pc.

Conventional brick and 180-200 pc. special heat-resistant baking bricks, cement, about 10 buckets of clay and sand. Begin to build a foundation, the size of a future barbecue and a depth of about 25-30 cm trench sleeps slag, well watered and stamps. Next, fit the iron bars or fittings ligament installed formwork height of at least 10-15 cm and filled with concrete. As the future of construction does not carry the heavy load, the foundation of 2-4 days is enough to survive. The pedestal for roasters, a niche for firewood and other devices to spread from the usual brick on sand-cement mortar, but for the construction of the furnace and chimney will need a special oven and a brick clay solution.

To prepare the solution using the technique of clay stove-makers. Crushed red clay is placed in a container and fill with water after 3-5 days it should be mixed thoroughly until smooth liquid cream. After that, strain through a sieve, mix with the same amount of sand and cement to add (in terms of a bucket capacity of 10 liters 0.5 liters of cement). After thorough mixing, get ready to use solution. Surface of the working area can be made of wood, stone, or even put an ordinary ceramic tiles. Facade is decorated with wild stone or any other decorative material for wall, you make your oven-barbecue holiday decoration of your site. We can only take care of the green fence, which will hide this corner from prying eyes, and you're ready for the summer cottage season.

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