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Own experiences and readings in the fight against depression depression is an incisive, thus experience – for those affected as for nationals! The leaden seriousness of the body and the thoughts, positive in the world to watch the inability, the crippling blackness, which robs one of the last strength. At the age of 28, I had to hear a depression on his own body. Staying in a psychiatric day clinic, I understood it fine to pitfalls all soul and to interpret the collapse as a bout of weakness. Only after a terrible relapse dawned on me that there is maybe more than a bout of weakness behind and I went in stationary psychiatric treatment. My fear to trust a psychologist and look into my soul was stronger than my fear of the depression. It flared up an inner struggle over the question of whether I should or not engage me in the therapy. I am writing to this inner struggle in humorous, self-ironic way in my autobiographical novel “blue beans and broken hearts. According to my readers, this book is a good opportunity, humorous way, but it with the necessary seriousness with the subject of psychotherapy apart put as of affected and as members! However, my main project is that I offer a platform through readings, to inform themselves about depression and to ask questions that “burn to the soul”. Recently, I gave a reading in the series of events to promote health in mental disease of the Alliance against depression in collaboration with the Alliance against depression. After the lecture, the interested parties had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about my way out of the depression. Would you know about Depessionen? Are you interested in that I give a reading on the subject?

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Roman Theater Author

2011: Harald Xander introduces his book in Mainz minimal great utility with simple exercises anywhere and at any time strengthen the tendons, ligaments and fascia Health Center at the Roman Theater (Mainz, Dagobert 6) invites to the author evening with Harald Xander (Zornheim) 14.09.2011, 7-9 pm over 1.5 million Germans suffer from fibromyalgia (muscle fiber pain). The Repetive strain injury syndrome (mouse arm, golf, tennis elbow, and so on) is almost an epidemic. Most are chronic mobility with damage to the tendons, ligaments and fascia in conjunction. These disorders are so tedious and painful, because the affected tissue is only very sparingly supplied with blood and oxygen, and precedes the healing so slowly. Can the supply as the… with intendons want to show published Advisor “Sensations in the tendon” in August, with relatively simple methods improved and promoted.

It was, according to the living in Zornheim author Harald Xander, only necessary to separate the tendons activation of muscle activation as far as possible. According to a simple sequence of steps, then almost all movements could be turned into an exercise of tendon. The method, called intendons after the English translation of “the longing”, promises by a range of movement patterns, to provide virtually almost any region of the body with blood. The highlight: The exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere. They develop their effect: just only if they are carried out without any visible movement. The author evening guests receive a basic introduction to the intendons method.

The author explains the sequence of consistent for all exercises with a simple exercise example. On this basis, you can independently perform the exercises proposed in the paper. Together with his host, the naturopath Doris Felten, Harald Xander stands of course for all Question relating to the health of tendons, ligaments and fascia at the disposal. No entrance fee is charged for the evening. It will be invited to make a donation to cover the organizational costs. For more information and register, visit.

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