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The difficulties in the social interaction can disclose comuma inapropriao of the behavior and of the manifestations of affection, an isolation, a esquiva of the visual contact, a complete lack of interaction with the other, affective umaindiferena and a lack of social empatia, thus describe Gadia eTuchman (2004). Riots of the mood and the affection are common in the syndrome doautismo, if they reveal through crises of laughs or aparentementedesmotivados choros, lack of danger perception or exaggerated fear, ansiedadegeneralizada and little or no emotional reaction. These difficulties incluemhiperatividade, aggressiveness, carelessness and behavior of automutilao, to einterferem very in the interaction of the autistas children inside of the family, daescola, of the community. The language riots occur in different degrees, some children do not develop no ability of verbal communication, others have an immature communication characterized by jargon, ecolalias, monotonous tune etc. The autistas children present repetitive and estereotipados standards decomportamento related to the strong resistance amudanas, extreme attachment the routine and objects and allure for movimentoscirculares. According to Assuno and Pimentel (2000), the prevalence dasndrome of the autismo is four times bigger in boys of what in girls. Suaepidemiologia corresponds the 1 approximately the 5 cases in each 10.000crianas, in a ratio of 2 the 3 men for 1 woman. Great linking between autismo and mental deficiency exists, a time that about 70-86% of the autistas is deficient mental. Suadiferenciao of the pictures of mental deficiency is complicated, many times realizada through the presence or not, of qualitative comprometimento nodesenvolvimento of the social interactions and in the comunicacionais abilities that, in the mental deficiencies, when exactly present, not it is the maisimportante characteristic as in the autismo. In first place, it is basic that a diagnsticodiferencial is made enters the syndrome of the classic autismo as described Kanner, deoutras syndromes as, for example, the syndrome of Asperger and the syndrome deRett, that they bring autsticas guidelines in its pictures, and of an episode autsticoque can come to affect a citizen. More information is housed here: Donald Sussman.

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Anesthesiologist – who you are “wicked devil” or “knight-protector”? The science and practice of anesthesiology (in the modern sense) more than fifty years. But the correct understanding of the specialty, its objectives, roles and place in preserving the lives and health of the vast segment of the population is missing. It is caused by low levels of general medical culture, the availability of reliable knowledge and perception of health preservation popular science level. Understanding the essence of the medical profession and looks at it in layman formed the flow of information media and the few, but bright and enduring articles “yellow” press. Deficit TV on medical topics are currently unavailable. But current and useful information about medicine, about the problems of disease prevention and health preservation, they give a little.

Non-identity are TV-bearing obviously distorted, and sometimes deliberately harmful information. Programs, covering general or specific questions anesthesiology and intensive care available scientific and popular language is not seen. Yes they are, in principle, and not needed if it were not for articles and stories in television on “doctors, or transmission Nedodaev anesthesia,” and thereby “killing” everybody – children, adults and old people. There are movie heroes doctors who kill the innocent by substituting medical gases in operating rooms, or even simpler – the injection of poisons.

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Seeking intellectual core of the problem, the root cause, but a fool is struggling with the consequences. For example, an ideological person, wishing to quit smoking, first reflect on the MAIN REASON OF SMOKING, that made him start smoking. Awareness of the main reasons for smoking will become a smoker’s insight in mind, when a person becomes It is quite clear what to do to make this the main reason for smoking is no longer working. All steps in the free mini-course “How to quit smoking for the umpteenth time, but forever,” focused on the excitement and the predominance of ideology, the mental component in quit smoking. For example, if a person knows exactly what he personally likes to not smoking (health, freedom, clean air, etc.), then making sense of all these advantages, a longing to these pluses will be as light in the head and give the smoker light orientations.

If a man write out the points, as smoking is injurious to him personally (cancer, addiction, and the constant stench, etc.), then the awareness of all these disadvantages of smoking will help thrower smoking difficult times, when it will pull abstinence for a cigarette. And the fact is, people in the throes of quit smoking, and a week later, he thinks: “A nafig me all this have to?” That’s why you first need to take an ideological basis, consider all aspects, including this: “Nafig you all this have to?” It seemed such a simple thing should be clear to all. But this is not the case. Because many people think that is enough awareness of the harm to health and “willpower.” Except addition, people often refer to the formal comprehension of such things, which leads to negative results. Common errors in compiling lists of pros, when a person quits smoking, and smoking is a cons formal attitude. Man, all these pros and cons of taking from the ceiling, just to quickly make a list.

Often, these pros and cons do not have to list a person making an irrelevant and not related to his personal experience. For example, a banal point about the harm to health can only work for those who have personally encountered a REALLY Harmful smoking. It is clear that for many young at this point would be irrelevant to health. Knowledge – is also an idea. When a person casts, just hoping for a “willpower,” then this one. And when a person relies on some regularity, it gives strength. Knowledge – force. Here is the article sheds light on one pattern – value and power of the idea when throwing smoke.

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Proximal Development

In this way the construtivismo standes out that action of the citizen in the process of cognitivo development, that is, everything is reflected of the actions that if reveal in coherent and logical operations of the thought, since, they possess some factors that contribute such as, the maturation, the social experience with the physical world, experiences and equilibrao (auto-regulation). For PIAGET the individual learns with the interaction with the other, detaching the interaction between partners and the maturation, therefore it is ahead of the interaction that the individual develops its intelligence and if it appropriates of knowledge of its social inheritance, that is, in accordance with the way where it lives it develops new perceptions and it interacts learning. In the episode of interaction between children, it has a confrontation and perspectives of clutter in the resolution of a problem. That is, this conflict implies in a process of cognitiva reorganization of the individual. In the case it is a process of understanding and later desestrutura to transform into another one hypothesis.

For VYGOTSKY (1978) the culture is a constituent element of the development of the human being, that is, its development if relates to the way and the interaction of the culture that it lives deeply, the same attributes the social interaction as a constituent paper to construct superior knowledge, thus a child whom it does not possess interaction with more demanding cognitivas structures hardly will go to develop such abilities. In this case VYGOTSKY if relates to the Zone of Proximal Development; as in the distance the level of current development enters, determined for the done solution of problems individually, and Potential Level of Development; defined as the solution of problems with adult orientation or contribution of capable partners. That is, the learning consists of the internalizao of the process of social interchange. However the Psychology of the development involves studies of affective, cognitivas, social and biological 0 variable all in the period of the life of the individual. Some consideraes they had been made on the organic maturation of the individual, and its genetic bases (the internal 0 variable), to another influence of the environment (the way where it lives). Search to understand the diverse interactions that occur and as if of the o human development.

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Existential Psychotherapy

Also the existencial psycotherapy is not made use to treat any nobody much less to affirm itself as ' ' promise to calm inherent malaise to the citizen through the elimination of sintoma' ' . Paraphrasing Alberti and Figueiredo to if relating to the objectives of the psychoanalysis also we affirm that the practical existencial equally does not aim at to eliminate the anguish of the citizen, therefore is from it that the being has the possibility to attribute to a direction its life. The existencial psycotherapy, in the same way, does not promise to waste the malaise, it does not promise to no good and yes a differentiated way of positioning it subject front to its (said) malaise. Still when the classic psychoanalysts say that she does not have in the psychoanalysis the exclusive objective to cure the citizen of its symptom, make a fool and improper reduction of the psycotherapy (any psycotherapy, exactly the mannering one) because the psycotherapies in general are not dedicated only to cure symptoms. when they admit that certainly he has therapeutical effect in the psychoanalysis that ' ' they independem of the ideals of the analyst, but its attainment if of the one in reason of that to speak makes bem' ' , they mention themselves accurately what he makes the psycotherapy existencial.

The psychoanalysis says – in the same way that the existencial psycotherapy – that the psychosis has a proper logic, that is one of the forms of the citizen if to point out in the world, a specific way of constitution and functioning of a citizen. If the psychoanalysts if to dedicate to more read on the fenomenolgica psicopatologia if summer less distant of the psycotherapy. probably will be more frustrate, however less vain people. An ingenuous, infantile, deriving vanity of the study lack. Thus, we find diverse similarities between the practical psicanaltica and the practical psicoterpica, even so the speech of the classic analysis tries to impose itself as one to know to the edge of the interest of the patient in behavior changes.

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Transforming in the Atlantic

Transforming the nature, we search to guarantee our adaptation our survival. Today, however, we perceive a grandeexacerbao of the creation. We start to create things that in are not necessary epara this the nature have been sacrificed of rude form and without modesties they quefizeram (it with 93% of Atlantic Mata that do not exist more). We create umainfinidade of illnesses and later we were to search the remedies to treat them.

Criamosindivduos kept out of society that returns for ‘ ‘ to make right the accounts with sociedade’ ‘ plus a infinity of things which really we did not need. The man, definitively became insane. We lose our particularitities (those that nosdiferenciam of the said animals irrationals) and only start to be umneurtico between as much, we start to be the gears of the machines manufacter quemovem (impious) the capitalism. Desumanizamos us e, finally, in ‘ ‘ coisificamos’ ‘. Vidanunca so was devaluated. You impress yourself with the fact of, each vezmais, the parents to embed its children on the contrary of the opposite? He impresses yourself eats banalizao of the violence, the lack of love to next and itself exactly? Muitaspessoas answers that and this is not still more amazing. Many religions atatribuem this to ‘ ‘ forces of mal’ ‘ , but I find that, when making this, estamossubestimando the capacity human being. It is very sad to admit that some indivduospossam if to become these empty and unscrupulous machines, but we have that to make it.

Oshomens, unhappyly, had left of side its more acute, deep feelings the truth is that today if it loves (or at least, is respected) much less would queseria of it necessary to live itself well. We do not value more ‘ ‘ pequenos’ ‘ encantosque in them is total available in day-by-day. We do not know in them, we nosabemos nor we search to know what we feel nor what the others feel, we noobservamos the life that happens in all place. Not we remember ingenuidadeque more than we possessed in tenra infancy perhaps and this explains the craze of perseguioque many of us tries. Ahead of this sad painting that if discloses to each day it is inevitable to questionnaires on until when we will support this reigning chaos. Some, comoPatch Adams, for example, say that not even we will resist until prximosculo. It will be? It is possible that let us have this reply soon. However, we need in them to put into motion, since we create as many things until here we must, nomnimo, to create new ideas and to place them in practical in the attempt of that nadatenha been in they go. Nopodemos to allow that let us become in them barren of new ideas.

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Human Type

At the moment that perceives that it obtained to reach its expectations, of the one skill to create a situation to disappoint it, causing it to it an enormous damage in its psychic life. The disillusionment and the disillusion are so catastrophic, that many times are perceived by the victim as if had occurred a psychic death, due to difficulty that has to reorganize its self. Without the shadow of a doubt that these situations leave irreparable marks in the life of a person, who exactly passing for a psicoterpico process, will not obtain if to total exempt of the marks left for its ' ' agressor' '. At some moments of its life, the souvenirs will come and with them pains to have been deceptive, to have lost the values that brought I obtain. I have seen very this in the relationships, are these affective ones or of friendships. The person who has this type of functioning, because nor always the badness goes to give itself for a revenge process, but for being a trace of personality of the person, does not think about the damages that she will cause in the life of the other and that these can be irreparable. Therefore, it is good that people can stop and to think on certain subjects and to analyze if we do not have this type of behavior in relation to the others, or if already we were not victim of somebody. Today the badness is so common, that it passes to be dealt with banalizada form and we cannot accept this. For the opposite, we need to finish with this, looking for to rescue the essence of the human being, that is pure.

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