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Developed neck and head are not so pressed to his chest. The placenta delivers baby food from you and returns you to waste products. Your child has a length of 18 mm – the size of a cashew. The 10 th week. Begins final week embryo. After this week until delivery child officially referred to as''fruit'', but we call it will not. His fingers Disconnect membrane between them disappeared. Tail, visible in a few weeks, looks like a stump, to the top of the 11th week, he just disappears.

Your child was like a man. External genitalia are indistinguishable (boys and girls look the same), the boys begin secretion of testosterone. Your child has a length of 3 cm – the size of medium-sized plum. 11-Week. Your head baby is half the length of the body, the rapid growth which will begin in the next 3 weeks, but the disparity remains, and after childbirth.

Eyes wide apart, his ears are low, the legs are short compared with the body. On the 11th week, the liver is 10 percent of the weight of the child. Buds begin to work – produce urine. This volume of urine fills the amniotic fluid. Waste products are passed through the placenta into the bloodstream, and displays them already you. Your child has a length of 5 cm and weight of 8 grams – the size of apricots. 12-Week. The child is daily becoming more and more like you. All body systems are already formed, it remains to grow and develop.

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