Women In The Futbol Profesional

Posted by: | Posted on: February 5, 2014

The role of women within the profesionalsiempre football has been non-existent, because of machismo that prevails in football since its inception. Today, taking advantage of the international women’s day, in FutbolProfesional we discuss the future of this sport, with the women involved in the. And it is that there are already many women who dedicated many efforts, to someday be able to form part of the technical chart of any professional club as a coach for example, considering profesionalen Trainer course different countries. As Viviana Cristante, in statements to the 442 portal, ensure that when you have men who runs soccer, most think it is arbitration, and not training. Joseph Blatter, President of FIFA, has neither let slip the opportunity to speak today in this regard, making that the future of this sport goes hopelessly in the acceptance of women in a world traditionally for men, FIFA has always believed that the future of football is conjugated in female. Blatter said that FIFA seeks to use the power of football to generate positive social change, especially in the areas of health and education. From these lines would encourage all women who want to engage in this world that do not curb in their hard work and dedication, that the good work always gives its fruit original author and source of the article

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