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Patients at Home

Any contraida disease debilitates our organism. So that an ill person replenishes her forces and heals more soon requires itself of special attentions. By all means, to go to the doctor and to take prescribed medecines are escencial for one more a faster recovery, but the attention that is exempted to the patient in house is very important also. Next we will see four recommendations that are the base appropriately to take care of a patient and which they accelerate its recovery. Comfort. It is very important that our patient rests in a calm and comfortable place, where is sufficient light and ventilation. If tpelo with frazada or a sheet is cold; if on the contrary, it is warm or the patient has fever, destpelo then.

Liquids. He remembers when one became ill and their parents gave apple refreshment him? Or, in almost all the cases of disease, mainly when there is diarrhoea or fever, the patient he must take many liquids. Therefore, that asegrese of takes sufficient water, tea, juice, broths or by the less refreshment (in some places of the planet the refreshment is in better sanitary conditions than the simple water). Personal cleanliness. He is vitally important that an ill person stays clean. It tries to give a bath every day him and also it maintains his clothes, sheets and blankets clean.

And if the patient cannot leave the bed so that he is serious? Upon that case he will agree to wash it with a humid rag or a sponge using lukewarm water. Feeding. If the patient wants to eat, djelo he does that it. Unless the doctor indicates the opposite, the majority of the common diseases does not require a special diet. That yes, besides liquids tries to give foods him n or t r i t i v or s like: vegetables, fruits, milk, chicken, oats, kidney bean, cheese, wheat, etc. If the patient has difficulty to eat, can give their foods in the form of puree, juice or broth him. Important. It is very important to follow the indications of his doctor then some diseases like ulcers, sournesses, diabetes or appendicitiss require of a special diet.

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