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Transforming in the Atlantic

Transforming the nature, we search to guarantee our adaptation our survival. Today, however, we perceive a grandeexacerbao of the creation. We start to create things that in are not necessary epara this the nature have been sacrificed of rude form and without modesties they quefizeram (it with 93% of Atlantic Mata that do not exist more). We create umainfinidade of illnesses and later we were to search the remedies to treat them.

Criamosindivduos kept out of society that returns for ‘ ‘ to make right the accounts with sociedade’ ‘ plus a infinity of things which really we did not need. The man, definitively became insane. We lose our particularitities (those that nosdiferenciam of the said animals irrationals) and only start to be umneurtico between as much, we start to be the gears of the machines manufacter quemovem (impious) the capitalism. Desumanizamos us e, finally, in ‘ ‘ coisificamos’ ‘. Vidanunca so was devaluated. You impress yourself with the fact of, each vezmais, the parents to embed its children on the contrary of the opposite? He impresses yourself eats banalizao of the violence, the lack of love to next and itself exactly? Muitaspessoas answers that and this is not still more amazing. Many religions atatribuem this to ‘ ‘ forces of mal’ ‘ , but I find that, when making this, estamossubestimando the capacity human being. It is very sad to admit that some indivduospossam if to become these empty and unscrupulous machines, but we have that to make it.

Oshomens, unhappyly, had left of side its more acute, deep feelings the truth is that today if it loves (or at least, is respected) much less would queseria of it necessary to live itself well. We do not value more ‘ ‘ pequenos’ ‘ encantosque in them is total available in day-by-day. We do not know in them, we nosabemos nor we search to know what we feel nor what the others feel, we noobservamos the life that happens in all place. Not we remember ingenuidadeque more than we possessed in tenra infancy perhaps and this explains the craze of perseguioque many of us tries. Ahead of this sad painting that if discloses to each day it is inevitable to questionnaires on until when we will support this reigning chaos. Some, comoPatch Adams, for example, say that not even we will resist until prximosculo. It will be? It is possible that let us have this reply soon. However, we need in them to put into motion, since we create as many things until here we must, nomnimo, to create new ideas and to place them in practical in the attempt of that nadatenha been in they go. Nopodemos to allow that let us become in them barren of new ideas.

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English Creole

King mosquito, a convert did not allow his men attacked the couple fell Rama and became missionaries virtual rulers. Its inhabitants all turned and adopted a modified form of both culture and language of the missionaries. In 1869 one observer said that all children were taught Rama English as their mother tongue, but the teachers, who were Germans did not have English as mother tongue but had learned. Fifty years later an anthropologist Germanic speaker said that half of the population of the island only speak English but with some strange intonation and pronunciation that resembled the English spoken by the Germans as a second language. Today the entire population of Rama Cay Creole English speaking only but there remains some dozens of Rama who live within a radius of 30 miles on the continent who speak Rama. Both the European African Creoles Creoles in Bluefields and Rama in Rama Cay recognize the difference between the two varieties of English Creole, the latter criticize the Discipline of the continent by continent speak Creole as a second language instead of Rama Cay Creole . Any that is the effect of German, Rama Cay Creole seems to represent an archaic form of continental Creole has been recriollizado under the influence of the ancestral language of Rama. Although this language has been inadequately studied and is now closer to extinction, certain features of the native may be defined as the / r / that is opposed to the continental pronunciation is more like that of North America.

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The Power Of Silence

The POWER OF SILENCE Some times, I gave account of as silence is important argument, but to the times I am trada for the mind that in sudden way elaborates commentaries it displays and them to the speed of the light. I refer myself, in this instant, to the last bizarrice which I lived in the bias of broken silence. April, solemnly, my mouth to express my indignation against pssimo habit of speaking very, speaking what it is not necessary and to display negative judgments on the others. My misfortune was so great that until I cited the name of the person crucificada for my hypocritical language. However, my speech was, at least, idiot, since I the same used worthless resource of the other falante inconsequente. How nonsense! To this it served me instant to search in the viscera the power biggest, more eloquente. The power of silence. This, if used in perspicacious way, consists of a loaded argument of authority and force.

To know the hour to launch hand of the chance not to articulate none fonema is fantastic, thundering, pertinent, however it fits to the scholars. To the fools (as in mine in case that above cited) it remains the certainty – acquired for the interlocutor – with that it has not been provided with adjusted persuasivo resource, but of emptiness and unreliability. Not picture here silence coward, omissive, but yes the desire of little speech and very to say, therefore to even be militant is necessary to be sly in the art of silence. Silence is for few. The majority of the individuals contemporaries wants to gain in the shout the possibility to display its smallness and its little shrewdness.

Silence, when used to advantage well, she is the perfect rhetoric of the full man of you stain. That one that if it displays excessively, it opens credits excessively, one becomes naked. Silence gains speeches, makes declaration of love, can lock up wars, lull to sleep hearts, grow in soul. Silence: the echo of the wisdom.

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Alencar Jr

Compared with only gestations gemelares, trigemelares maternas presents more complications, also the toxemia (Torloni, Kikuti and Costa, 2000). However, the gestations gemelares are also considered factor of risk for toxemia (Saints, Timerman and Andrade, 2000; Alencar Jr, 2000; Cunha and Camano, 1999; Nurdan, Mattar and Camano, 2003). 3,5 LEVEL SOCIO-ECONMICO Studies points that the affected women more are those that belong lower the social levels and economic, and those that live in agricultural zone, for being distant of hospital centers (Gomes, Matuo and Carvalheiro, 2000; Alencar Jr, 2000; Zampieri, 2000; Ziegel and Granley, 1995; Nurdan, Mattar and Camano, 2003). 3,6 OBESIDADE For Alencar Jr (2000), the toxemia presents greater incidence in obesas gestantes or that obesas in the gestation had become. In the studies of Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugaib (2000), Saints, Timerman and Andrade (2000) and Zampieri (2000) were observed that the relative risk of a woman to develop toxemia reduces with the physical activity of leisure in the first half of the gestation. According to Zampieri (2000), lesser weight of what 45 kg constitutes, also, a risk factor. 3,7 CHRONIC ARTERIAL HIPERTENSO the presence of associated chronic arterial hipertenso to the gestation is tied with the biggest risk to develop the toxemia (Cabral, Coast Cabral Jr, 2003; Freitas, 1997; Sass et al, 2002; Cunha and Camano, 1999; Nurdan, Mattar and Camano, 2003; Azevedo et al, 2002; Alencar Jr, 2000; Pascoal, 2002; Peraoli, Marchioli and Rudge, 2001; Luders, Mion Jr and Sabbaga, 1997; Uberti et al, 2003; Branches et al, 2003; Saints, Timerman and Andrade, 2000; Ziegel and Granley, 1995; Gomes, Matuo and Carvalheiro, 2000). 3,8 FAMILIAR ANTECEDENTS Alencar Jr (2000) relates that a significant increase of the DHEG in gestantes occurs whose mothers had presented the illness. The genetic susceptibilidade doubtlessly is inherited, but the expression of the gene can be modified by not-genetic, paternal and fetais influences (Moraes et al, 2000; Ziegel and Granley, 1995; Cunha and Camano, 1999; Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugaib, 2000).

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The love is one of the greatest objects of the life. Frequently we walked thinking that we know what is what we want, supposing that new material goods will make us feel better with we ourself. However, it is only the true love which traera true signifigado to our existence. In the distance of the tarot of the love, the ten of glasses are one of the most favorable letters. The appearance of this letter brings very good auguries, mainly related to the life in pair or the life in family: the true heart of a happy life. Perhaps it could be very cynical who studied the detail of the illustration of this arcane one and she would be ***reflxed mng of the simpleza whereupon the images express their meaning. One is an idyllic life, a pair, two children playing, a small house in the horizon, and a river.

But the true students know that these symbols reflect powerful energies. The ten glasses furrow to the sky forming a species of rainbow, to which the pair contemplates and salutes. This arcane one reflects a very simple desire, but very hard, almost instinctive: to form one family, to have descendants, and to peacefully live a calm existence and until the oldness. The heart of the represented man and the woman in the image are full of the love of the spirit, the simplest and greater joy of all the human beings. This deck makes reference to a finished period, a species of spiritual trip that finishes in the constitution of a healthful, mature person, good father and good husband; briefly somebody that knows to live the life in company on others. Serenity and La Paz are in the air, he is so asque at this idyllic moment is possible to forget all the shortages and to enjoy this moment of total happiness. There is no moan by the past, are no preoccupations by the future, one only is to live the present and to take advantage of the moment. The ten of glasses advise to us to enjoy this special time of great prosperity since, it is the best thing than the life must to give us. It is never necessary to take the happiness like something surely, because the glasses can turn upside down and spill their content, since we have seen with the four of glasses. It is not precise to go in search of problems, simply listen the tarot of the love and enjoy than it has.

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Conditional Air

This is a very important subject when we speak of quality of air, and for consequncia, of the health of its family. He is not only enough to install conditional air and to botar pra to freeze, it demands cares so that he functions of correct form and he orders a good air for inside of its pulmes. One will detail important that it must be observed is the obligator reading of the manual of the respective device. In it you will only find you will detail exclusive to execute the best cleanness in each device. But in case that you are good (or bad) a Brazilian one, with laziness to read manuals, we go below to the tips. Let us start for the frequency We come back here to the manual, therefore each device asks for its frequency of cleanness. If you only use the air conditioner in the summer, you prepare the beginning of the functioning making that general cleanness, not forgetting the airfield traffic. If its device is on the time all, then it cleans it in lesser intervals of time, offering bigger hygiene and for consequncia improving the quality of air.

On the cleanness of the Filter a good notice, the manufacturers for to know that the cleanness of the filter is essential, normally they facilitate to our life, locating the filters of accessible form to fulfill the task. The cleanness of the filter is made so that it obtains to hold back the biggest possible amount of existing particles in air. Washing the filter It washes the filter with current water or uses the specific product that the manual recommends. After cleaning it, it leaves to dry it and it again places it in the interior of conditional air. Remembering the date It is interesting to make the use of some label and to mark the date of the cleanness in such a way, assisting so that you remember the date to clean again. you, say there, how much time make that not clean the filters of the conditional air of its house? He is of eye, he cleans periodically and he brings more health for its family.

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Nunes Nursing

She perceives yourself in these you say the unfamiliarity of mothers concerning the fototerpico treatment, while others never express to have lived this situation. In this context, it is indispensable that the nursing team is available to support the familiar parents and to stimulate them it to remain in the Unit of Neonatal Internment, beyond granting the necessary information to them in relation to the state of health of just been born. 3.4.1 Consideraes on the Theory of Humanistic Nursing According to Oliveira et al., (2006) appears in the decade of 1970 the Theory of the Humanistic Nursing from the experiences of nurses Josephine Paterson and Loretta Zderad in the field of the docncia and of assistance in Nursing. The content of the theory discloses the influence of the existencialismo, the humanismo and the fenomenologia. According to Dilthey (1988); Nunes (2006), the humanismo is a doctrine, that has as focus the human interests and values, characterizing itself for a valuation of the human spirit. Husserl (1992); Nunes (2006), relates that in century XX, in the philosophical field, it had the return of the comprehensive boardings – is necessary to come back to the feeling of the life. She is necessary to come back to the same things. If to want, is necessary to emphasize the commitment with the mystery of the life, with the prxis and with the understanding of the contingency human being, they will say the existencialistas. According to Paterson and Zderad (1988); Oliveiras et al., (2006) the elements that constitute the system are: ‘ ‘ human beings (nurse and customer) and a meeting (to be and to come to be) with a definitive end (to nourish the welfare and to be better) in a intersubjetiva transaction (to be with and making with) happening in the time and space (delimited and lived by the customer and nurse) in a world of men and coisas’ ‘.

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Chronicles of Babel Mariana BROTHERS were taken by the husband to the hospital to gain babies. They knew that they were twin, the examinations of the prenatal one already had shown this to them. The hope of Mariana, as all mother, was of that the two were born prosperous, as the husband, Dr. Oak, that was a rich man of cradle. He praid so that the children pulled to the father. But, unhappyly, he was not what he happened. The first one, Pablo, were born rich and soon it received the cares from a particular nurse; as, Peter, did not have the same luck, was born poor and was taken for an infirmary. While Pablo received all type of attention, Peter, to the times, passed hours crying, until he appeared somebody for changing the diapers to it.

Diapers, by the way, of cloth of cheap, proper cotton of its condition, whereas Pablo alone used dismissable diapers, perfumed and of famous mark. Marina and Dr. Oak had been perplexed with this unexpected situation. To have a poor son is always very constrangedor for a couple. But they had received the support from friends and had soon associated with a group of parents with the same problem of them. In this manner they received advice and they divided experience of as to deal with the problem. She is necessary to give affection and attention to the small poor person and to prevent that it if feels excluded, was what all advised.

Pablo, in house, was in one proper, well-taken care of for two dribbles and surrounded room of toys. He always had everything and he never needed to ask for nothing. Peter, in contrast, absorbed the finger and to play he only makes use of the proper body. He was dressed with the old clothes of the brother that they needed to be adapted.

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