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Roman Theater Author

2011: Harald Xander introduces his book in Mainz minimal great utility with simple exercises anywhere and at any time strengthen the tendons, ligaments and fascia Health Center at the Roman Theater (Mainz, Dagobert 6) invites to the author evening with Harald Xander (Zornheim) 14.09.2011, 7-9 pm over 1.5 million Germans suffer from fibromyalgia (muscle fiber pain). The Repetive strain injury syndrome (mouse arm, golf, tennis elbow, and so on) is almost an epidemic. Most are chronic mobility with damage to the tendons, ligaments and fascia in conjunction. These disorders are so tedious and painful, because the affected tissue is only very sparingly supplied with blood and oxygen, and precedes the healing so slowly. Can the supply as the… with intendons want to show published Advisor “Sensations in the tendon” in August, with relatively simple methods improved and promoted.

It was, according to the living in Zornheim author Harald Xander, only necessary to separate the tendons activation of muscle activation as far as possible. According to a simple sequence of steps, then almost all movements could be turned into an exercise of tendon. The method, called intendons after the English translation of “the longing”, promises by a range of movement patterns, to provide virtually almost any region of the body with blood. The highlight: The exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere. They develop their effect: just only if they are carried out without any visible movement. The author evening guests receive a basic introduction to the intendons method.

The author explains the sequence of consistent for all exercises with a simple exercise example. On this basis, you can independently perform the exercises proposed in the paper. Together with his host, the naturopath Doris Felten, Harald Xander stands of course for all Question relating to the health of tendons, ligaments and fascia at the disposal. No entrance fee is charged for the evening. It will be invited to make a donation to cover the organizational costs. For more information and register, visit.

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Visualization Exercises

You only achieve what you want, always and when you can clearly visualize what Zig Ziglar tea I want to teach as fast you can to improve your memory, performs the techniques of memorization that I show below are going to dramatically improve your memory den only 15 minutes and you will be impressed by the change so fast. Well think of these words of Zig ziglar, perhaps not find him even much sense, but the first time you hear it really flew me head. Visualization is the ability that we have to create an image in our mind, the researcher Karl Pribram one of the more recognized experts as regards the study of the brain of Neuropsychology at Stanford University, mentions that the thoughts, words, and ideas in general are converted into images rather than the brain process them; and these have a great power in our memory, our emotions and the body in general. Then the display is very important in the development of the memory, it is something that I develop and I am convinced that, having a strong and well-developed mind, our success, our value increases, we will be able to make decisions and find and identify opportunities more quickly. Begin the journey to your memory, the memorization technique that you mention below is perhaps the oldest weapon to develop memory but is still very effective: Association Fundamental are going to perform the exercise, just sit and relax make sure you do not have anything from pencil or paper to your around 1) what I have to do is mention you a few wordsone at a time, for greater concentration closes his eyes, trying to remember every word that you listed below in the order they are, you have a minute. (2) If you really want to see real change do not trap.

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Italian Trend – Shirts And Blouses Now Also In Germany Arrived

Shirts and blouses with high Italian collar are the latest fashion trend in Europe. “” After Dieter Bohlen in the jury of the Super Talent “and Germany sucht den superstar” real trendsetter has worn these type of shirts, as the demand increased in Germany by leaps and bounds after this design shirts. Increasingly, also the ladies want to have that kind of blouses. Even the youth, who has always refused, a preppy”blouse or wear shirt, helps these Italian design shirts now more and more often, because the separate design of collar and cuffs have made a real fashion trend these shirts and blouses. “” Dieter Bohlen is’s Italian shirts have the nerd image “the shirts by once nothing more common the popular judge from Germany sucht den superstar,” is finally is anything but boring! Even in the business world this kind o shirt begins to prevail. The high collar with design replaced the tie for the gentlemen and ladies wear the shirts to the Office like under jacket or costume. The Incidentally, term Italian design shirts”does not mean that all of these shirts in Italy produced. This term is used exclusively so, because the mode with the high collar first came to us from Italy.

Most manufacturers do takes place mainly in the ateliers in Istanbul and surrounding use of Italian designers, the production for works from their collection. A big player in the online sale of this type of shirts and blouses in Europe is the company Moda Italia from the Netherlands. This provides a large collection of around 200 known Italian brands in their online shop different ladies and gentlemen at extremely good prices. Although most models slim fit”, there are also a large number models in the shop that are not fitted. Look at yourself and have fun browsing on. Press contact: Rob Letteboer Moda Italia Smirnoffweg 4 7602 RC Almelo Nederland 0031-546-898-228 modaitalia.de sells Italian DesignMode for men and women in the Netherlands and Germany. Italian button down shirts with double or triple collar, contrasting collar and cuffs and unusual designs, all the online store offers modaitalia.de at reasonable prices. Moda Italia is trendy fashion and very high quality for modern men and women show!

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Online Banking Goes Through The Ear

HypoVereinsbank opts for sound branding by comevis Cologne, the 17.01.2011 bank customers of all ages use the online banking services of financial institutions. At the same time, there are a large number of consumers who still hesitate. Often called poor confidence in the security and complex use of the online banking services as reasons for this. Customers entering the online banking to facilitate and to motivate them to use the offers, HypoVereinsbank has decided to trust at the audio-interface-design of guided tour of their website on the comevis GmbH & co. KG. The Cologne experts for sound-branding have developed a concept of Web acoustics and implemented tour supporting the graphical interface of the guided in English and German and both entertains and informs. Banking occupies an increasingly important role.

Bank customers to facilitate the access to online banking at HypoVereinsbank, and to make the operation more understandable, a guided tour was developed. Already in the school the content refers to the fastest undgelernt, when the teacher explains his Panel on writing with oral argument. The more senses are addressed, the learning and memory effect is better. Especially the ear absorbs efficiently information”, explains Stephan Vincent Nolke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG dealing successfully with sound branding, audio marketing and audio interface design for years.

Also, the guided tour with sound support is also more fun. The Web acoustics of HypoVereinsbank, a dialog as a sound Guide for the online banking is simulated.” The introduction and the end of the guided tour are moderated by a spokesman, the body will be staged as an audiobook and designed by a lively dialogue between a man and a woman. The comprehensibility of the information benefits from the acoustic design of the voice dialogue, because dialogue represents real life situations, the important functions of the Onlinebankings of the HypoVereinsbank easy and understandable be explained. “We bring the new guided tour our customers the banking issue transparent and also emotionally closer”, Federico Sforza reports. Head of multi channel management for residential and business customers of UniCredit Bank AG. As a result an entertaining and at the same time very useful Infotainment experience on our site is created for the user, which encouraged it to use online banking as safe and helpful banking services.”

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Valencian Community

The Institute medical dermatological IMD inaugurates new capillary Center in Valencia in order to offer its wide range of hair treatments of last generation against hair loss. This new capillary Centre in Valencia implies a new bet from the IMD clinic to approach and offer its capillary solutions against hair falling to its customers of the Valencian Community. The hair loss is one of the problems that most Spaniards suffer. Recently we read at the most prominent media the news that 89% of Spaniards is prone to baldness. The fall of the hair, or alopecia, is a serious problem that is not only limited to a physical but also psychological effect since it affects self-esteem.

Our professionals have a long history in the sector which allows us to guarantee the quality of treatments for hair loss as well as the exquisite and personalized treatment our clients receive, says Ignacio Ventura, Director General of dermatological IMD. We invite you to know our Center capillary and facilities: Institute medical dermatological IMD c / San Vicente Martir 90 2nd 46007 Valencia Tel: 963 942 524 see map about IMD IMD is a capillary Center that offers hair custom solutions after making an analysis and specialized diagnosis of each particular case. IMD employs a team of specialists of wide experience able to advise on the most suitable hair treatments for each capillary problem and thus counteract the effects of the fall of hair. The capillary solutions offered by IMD using advanced technology of last generation. Capillary services offered by IMD are preventive treatments and regeneration (capillary Laser / ozone therapy capillary), integration of hair, Micrografting capillary and oncological wigs.

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Treating Stretch Marks

More than 75% of all women have stretch marks or stretch marks during pregnancy. If you are one of the fortunate or unfortunate, depends on a number of factors including the speed of the increase in weight, age, genetics, condition of your skin and your overall health. Every pregnant woman cares about brands of stretch or stretch marks and the effect of pregnancy on her body. The concern for this cause that many women come to remedies for stretch marks with products synthetics that are not effective and could even be dangerous for use in pregnant women, and can affect the baby is about to be born. The natural way to a cause most common Striae is pregnancy. For pregnant women, it is very important to be sure that any remedy used for stretch marks is safe for their condition and that of your baby.

For this reason, many women prefer < a rel = nofollow onclick = javascript: pageTracker. _trackPageview (/outgoing/article_exit_link); href =. med-alternative. com / > remedies natural that are safe and effective. There are remedies against stretch marks, working from the inside of the body and others are formulated with oils aromatherapy massage of the skin to prevent stretch marks. Homeopathic natural remedies are a remedy 100% natural, safe and effective containing biochemical salts that treat and prevent stretch marks or Striae and keep your skin supple and healthy during pregnancy. For stretch marks aromatherapeutic massage oils contain essential oils that protect and care for your skin, softens and conditions the skin and underlying connective tissue, prevents the formation of new stretch marks and reduces the appearance of the existing stretch marks. These natural remedies used in conjunction to provide the maximum assistance to prevent stretch marks caused by the stretching of the skin during pregnancy.

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Introduction To UAE

Breakfast – the perfect time to relax when I want to forget about work, get away from everyday problems, tan, swim and get as many new, unknown sensations. Of course, in light of the many beautiful and interesting places but if you want to get into a real fairy tale, where there are palm trees, sea, and exotic flowers, and even a real , then it's time to go to the United Arab Emirates. In this country there is something to see, where to relax and gain strength. And nothing, in fact, the state exists less than 40 years! His story is thousands of years, and this is not the only fact worthy of astonishment and admiration. Now in the uae consists of seven emirates, and each has its own peculiarities, its own laws and traditions. This emirate of Abu Dhabi is surrounded by green trees and bushes – the biggest of all, and its capital Abu Dhabi, called the city of gardens. There is a comfortable hotel and beautiful beaches, huge shopping malls and shady parks with fountains. Emirate of Abu Dhabi owns 95% of oil reserves and all the natural gas deposits in the uae.

But the country attracts numerous visitors, of course, is not it. Abu Dhabi amazingly beautiful, and admire its architecture, modern skyscrapers, luxurious palaces and numerous mosques can be infinite. The only ancient building in the capital – the Palace of al-Husn, and called the Old or the White Fort. The former palace of Shahburta was built in the late xix century, around the source of fresh water.

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